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A postcard from Italy. How to increase D3 naturally.


Finally summer has arrived, 25 degrees. I really like the sea (as you can see). From Asia, to Oceania to America, passing through Europe and Great Britain, the sun on HU and its members never sets. Excellent for vitamin D3. Take care to yourself but don't forget to live a beautiful and interesting life like a work of art. I know this is not easy. Life is like a large canvas on which to paint what you want. Perhaps someone will not like how you interpret this thing and as an art critic it will be disparaging and tell us "too much enthusiasm-not to do", but with nothing better to propose. Art should not be criticized, it should be lived and appreciated in the first person like life.

Greetings to all, you are always welcome to Italy.

PS.Title of central photo: "walking on the seashore in the early morning towards the lighthouse never reached because it is 10 km away and then we must return."

PPS the people in the photos are not us.

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Great Advice!

Lovely pictures. I love sunshine and the sea too. Although,an hour from the coast we have settled for our infinity pool with it's view of the mountain.

M1tz1 in reply to WinnieThePoo

What is an infinity pool, WtP?

WinnieThePoo in reply to M1tz1

It's a pool which has the illusion of floating in the landscape. Since I can't work out how to add a picture to a post, I'll start another one

M1tz1 in reply to WinnieThePoo

Thank you! 🙂

Everyone paints his canvas the way he likes it and I know that yours is very beautiful, but since it is very subjective and personal please don't be upset with me if I don't value what you value, this is the Art and Life, the one lived by ourselves is the most beautiful.

Beautiful pictures Gio,! Thank you!!🌸😊

Thank you for sharing more of the world's beauty with us!

What a lovely person you are, GioCas. I'm just short of 84-- was caregiver to my PwP husband. Is it too late to live my remaining time as a work of art?! Since my husband's death, I've been living in a retirement village. The days fly past. Am fully occupied with the mundane. 🙂

GioCas in reply to M1tz1

When your life is beautiful and interesting from your point of view it is like a work of art, but don't think that it doesn't require a bit of work and attention, if you are good at helping others you will receive your pay to live in this way, i.e. the love, gratitude and kindness of other people. But you already know this very well, since you are a very loved person in your community and here on HU, I'm sure.

M1tz1 in reply to GioCas

Bless you, and thank you, GioCas. 🌺🌺

Thank you for your always positive posts that make me smile.

Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

How beautiful - the photos and the words.


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