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Starting Vielight Neuro Alpha


Started Vielight Neuro Alpha this week with my mother who as dementia likely due to stroke suffered 2 years ago.

I choose this configuration after talking to one of the researchers at Vielight in Canada.

I will keep a journal and share any improvements seen.

Currently she is unable to walk consistently and cannot do any self care.Very confused especially at sundown. She fell 4 months ago breaking her shoulder and had to admitted to hospital.

We are looking at a personal care home BUT I want to try this first to see if we get enough improvement to get her home with home care in place.

Keeping our fingers crossed...

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There are some anecdotal instances where some PWP's have benefited from it. I know a taiwanese woman who got a great improvement with it. However she had mad her own hat using 940 nm LED's. Vielight uses 810 nm wavelength

BTW I too had purchased it but returned after 5 months due ineffectiveness

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thank - yes i am going in with eyes open- not sure if we will see any benefit- but there is literally nothing else for her. We had to hire private physio therapists after our health region said she would not benefit and stopped sending physio to see her. her geriatrician was kind but said basically this is the beginning of the end.

I am trying to replicate a study done out of Toronto with 5 Dementia patients., and there has been one done with SHAM control group that showed promise- but there is a need for a big clinical trial- costs a lot of $. There are also some scientists out of Boston- very interesting presentation they did for grande rounds. regarding photobiomodulation in general.

Where did she get/how did she build the 940mm LED's? Does she have a youtube link?

thanks so much!

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Here is the schematics used by her (hand drawn)

I have sent you her email address in private message, you can ask her for any information with my reference

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Thanks very much

Why did you choose alpha instead of gamma?

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I talked to one of the people at Vieight- this unit is similar to the one that they used in a trail for dementia patients so i want to try and do things as similarly as they did.


I too am considering the Neuro Alpha for Strokes and heart surgery 2 heart valve replaced have had endocarditis along with 17 strokes. I balance is off my anxiety and depression is pretty bad can't sleep unless I take sleeping pills. My cognition is not bad but not great, I can walk up to 4 miles a day but walk like a drunk. Should the Neuro Alpha, be of help, I am 55 years old

I believe one of the major universities in Florida is doing a Vielight study.

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