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Importance of a Tear-Based Parkinson Biomarker

Newly presented research shows early promise in the development of a biomarker for earlier detection of Parkinson disease. Investigators at the Keck School of Medicine of USC studied the proteins found in basal and reflex tears of patients with Parkinson disease and those without.

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Hi Iqbaliqbal

I just wanted to thank you for putting out so much helpful information on HU 👍. You help keep my wife and I positive about effective treatment options for the near future. Thank you so much. 😁

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I notice you are really on top of developments occuring for PD. Do you have sources that you regularly monitor to stay up to date?


Being a sufferer of PD, I use to dig the Internet, follow research organizations, contact scientists and doctors to find the latest developments. I explore every possible source of information, buy research papers etc and try to share as much as possible the things I come to know


We are kindred spirits of a sort. Over the past three years I have built a database in one place in the cloud using Evernote that absorbs much of what I see out there. It's a free resource for anyone interested in PD geared mostly for PwP's, carepartners and esp PD Support Group Leaders. Contains articles, webinars, podcasts, Pdf's, links to blogs, websites. Items are dated YYMM in title and referenced into 200 + subjects.

Currently there are 2,959 items. DBS for example has 103 items. I am gradually building Master Notes for each subject pointing to the best IMHO articles in each subject.


You two guys are "incredable"


My wife and I participated in this study of tear collection at USC.


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