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Ashkenazi Jewish Heritage: Genetics and Parkinson’s


I had this test done for free from a University off of Mjf foundation.

I did it last year,came negative for that, but I didn't think to ask if they tested all genetic markers.

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Were they specifically testing for LRRK2?

Not sure what LRRK2 IS.

I just researched LRRK2.

Same here and I have Ashkenazi heritage and my dad had Parkinsons. I know they tested for LRRK2 but I’m stunned it came back negative


The LKKR2 gene is much more prominent in people from Ashkenazi descent

My mom has PD and I have ALS. Before I was diagnosed, I was tested for Mendelian Parkinson's genes, all were negative. My grandmother was adopted as a toddler and had no history of her heritage, she had vague memories and thought she had a sister. I got Whole Exome Sequencing and learned I have several mutations associated with Ashkenazi Genes. It fits with my family oral history that my grandmother was Jewish (full or part and adopted by a Protestant family who was Scottish). She had dementia (frontotemporal?) and a dropped head from weak neck muscles. I wish we had more info. When my aunt was still alive, she tried to get the adoption records but they were lost in a fire. The surname she found was Weins. It's going to be a fight to get medical records at this point. Families shouldn't keep secrets, my grandmother learned she was adopted in her 60's when her adoptive mother died. What I have learned is that I have susceptibility genes, specifically those involved with detoxification. I am also half Irish, there is a higher prevalence of ALS in Ireland. It's never good to concentrate the gene pool. If you want to dig deeper you can get medical grade genetic testing through Dante Labs.

Best Wishes

I had this done in 2016, shortly after I was dx with PD. You can sign up for 23 and Me! (Free) and Michael J Fox Insight. You get a package from Indiana University to collect a sample of your saliva and a genetics counselor calls you back about a month later with the results. They tested for only the presence of two gene mutations: LRRK2 G2019S and GBA N370S. I didn’t have either gene mutation in spite of the fact that I am of Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewish decent and my younger brother had PD.

When I commented to the genetic counselor that was good because now my son didn’t have to worry about getting PD, she responded that it just means that other genes are involved.

Oh, that's where I got my test as well, so they do test for LRRK2. They said I didn't have the gene as well. My farthers parents came from Russia and they were Jewish.

I did the 23andme test years ago. I am Ashkenazi Jewish and have the LRRK2 mutation and am also a carrier for Gaucher's disease, which I had never heard of until I saw the test results. According to one of my research docs there is a correlation. My mother and my uncle both have PD.

Testing should include mutations for Gauchers’ disease, the GBA gene.

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