Love Should Come Easy

Could it be,

that I may never find

"The One"

I'm suppose to be with?

You would think

he would be easy

to spot,

all my Love radar

going off,

lights flashing,

sirens blaring.

What if he silently

slipped into my life,

then out again

hanging around

the fringes of my day,

all the while

unnoticed by me?

Perhaps I've missed

my opportunity at

that "One True Love".

But how do I know?

How do I know?

Love should come easy.

Maybe when you

least expect it,

hitting you like a

sledgehammer against

a concrete wall.

I shouldn't have to

question the man's


Love should be

clearly written across

his face, mirroring

what he sees in mine.

Or is that "Fairy Tale" thinking?

Some people claim you

have to be friends first,

before the Love comes.

Can't you find that friend

and immediately feel the love?

Or is that

"Love at first sight"?

Can two people

fall in love with each other

as soon as their eyes meet?

How do you know

what the other one

is feeling at that moment?

Love should come easy.

Not complicate lives

with bad timing, feelings

voiced too soon,

and kisses,

kisses that felt

so right,

then were ignored,

and forgotten.

I wish they offered

classes somewhere,

so I could learn

how to do this.

"Falling in Love 101"

I feel like I've been

repeating the lessons

over and over again,

and I still don't "get it".

Love should come easy.

Swallow you up whole.

Leaving you soaked

in emotions,

a smile of contentment

plastered on your face,

that nothing can wipe away.

Love should come easy.


10 Replies

  • I know how hard it is to find Love, especially when you are ill, but it is possible.

    Open your heart no matter how scary it is.

  • This is new for me. I'm ready to give it a shot

  • Hello

  • Beautiful poem. It took 15 yrs for love to find me and he has his own medical issues but he is kind and generous and the last 5 months together have been amazing----not 'fireworks' amazing but the contented, comfortable, I have a purpose amazing. Good luck juiterjane---I too had given up looking and that's when he found

  • life should come easy

    come easy, life

    come easy, love

    Easy come and easy go

    at the right moment

    let it come to an end

    like it came to be,

    way easy.

    come to me

    come with me

    come to life

    come hard

    come easy

    hard for you

    the life within

    love will flow

    for you

    making it easy

    to know


    we’re ready

    to live our love

    and love our lives




    in spite

    ot every





    turn of events

    in our ridiculous

    reality show,

    when we simply love

    the love is easy

    and life reminds us

    easy or hard

    we need love

    so make it work

    or let it happen

    yin needs yang

    let them come


  • Wow! I think my words of poetry love yor words of poetry! Beatiful! Thank You!

  • Hello let's chat

  • Hello

  • Thank you JJ! For me it's all about the dialogue.

  • Hello how are you

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