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Parkinson’s Disease Treatment industry


While the PWP's number rises, big pharma makes analysis how much their profitability increases accordingly. In other words the increased patients sufferings is good news for them for selling more Ldopa. Here are the professional analysis carried out for them

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You seem shocked that the pharmaceutical industry is profit motivated? Did you think they were charitable organizations?

Saying they thrive on suffering is like saying Supermarkets thrive on the hungry.

What ever their faults, Big Pharma has been responsible for most of the advances in medication. Do you hear of new drugs coming from Russia or communist countries ?

THis site has a distressing thread of anti-Pharma, anti-doctor, anti-science themes which is a pity. It swallows any of the useful experiences which we can share..

GioCas in reply to condor39


Emh ... I do not know that there is a great advancement on the care of PD even here in the countries of profit otherwise we would not all be here on HU to look for answers. Perhaps research and discovery do not depend on economic policy. I would gladly leave my neuro instead of staying here on HU if tomorrow he would say to me: "Gio this is the cure, do it and you will have an almost normal life in the next 20years", but it is not so.

Despe in reply to condor39

Hello DOCTOR! Some of their profit is distributed to doctors. Of course you are upset since a lot of patients turning their back to medical doctors and BIG PHARMA. It's their relation that influences the way we feel. . .of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. In a 10-minute appointment with a doctor, how can anyone get some good answers and solution to their health problems? Oops, 10 minutes are up, next patient please, time is MONEY!

bepo in reply to condor39

Look at all the side effects from pharmaceuticals! Pharmaceuticals do not work for chronic diseases. You are kept alive long enough to keep the revenue stream steady for Big Pharma. They own this country and other developed nations. Look for natural remedies. The only entities that can do studies are the Pharmaceuticals. The CDC and the FDA are in their pocket! The advancement? I don't think so. Cancer still is treated the same way with these chemicals. As many people are still dying as were in the last 50 years, except that the cancer rates are increasing.

Rosenmu in reply to bepo

If there is something that shows promise but cannot be synthesized for profit it gets ignored. Drs could give patients mucuna without side effects but don't, could give B1 as well. No proffit in either of those as a natural item. Antibiotics have been very helpful to an extent, I sit here with PD thanks to 10 years of antibiotics damaging my gut as a child. The next 30 years of more antibiotics off and on plus toxins generated by the chemical industry. Every year more PD victims equals more $$$ for pharma.

I agree, pharma does not cure chronic disease. We need to help ourselves thru diet, supplements, exercise, detox, sleep, reduce stress, and interaction with other people. Trading info here is an awesome tool, different viewpoints , different sources, it all comes together, it all helps.

bepo in reply to Rosenmu

Antibiotics are helpful. One needs to watch how often they are taken, and avoid, if possible. They destroy the balance in the gut by killing all good bacteria along with the bad. If you have to take them, take a good quality probiotic simultaneously.

condor39 in reply to bepo

Hi Beto,

You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

First, yes there are side effects, but they are known, and most people don’t get them. I am on high dose Levodopa with no side effects, though I watch for them. I don’t know what you mean by “they do not work”? They work very well, but, no they do not cure. I will be grateful for the fact that they are working for now. I am pleased they produce a revenue stream, else the companies might stop making them.

Lots of studies are done by non-pharmaceutical companies.

AS for natural remedies - go back a few hundred years when humans breathed pure air, drank non-polluted water , ate organic food, got lots of exercise and had only “natural remedies”. BUT life span was 30 years, infant mortality was 40%, maternal mortality was almost as bad. If you want to return to those days, good luck to you!

(A big plus was that very few lived long enough to get Parkinson’s._

The CDC and FDA are very independent, I would like to see any evidence that they are not. And finally, cancer is not treated the same way. With surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, the cancer rate is down, not up, and the cure rate for the five commonest cancers (measured as 5 year survival rate) is now over 60%.

WE are lucky to be alive at this time.

Now, if you are saying that pharmaceutical companies, or physicians are not perfect - well the rest of us already know that.

aspergerian in reply to condor39

For instance, see:

Science for Sale: How the US Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits.

Book by David Levering Lewis.

Fateful Harvest: The True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry, and a Toxic Secret is a nonfiction book written by Duff Wilson, a reporter for the Seattle Times at the time. The book began as a series of newspaper reports, which made the issue a "national focus". The small town in question is Quincy,



Originally published: September 4, 2001.

GioCas in reply to condor39

Condor, you don't want me to believe that in a board of directors the good of the sick counts more than the profit, sorry but I'm not so naive.

For example, in the hypothetical case you have the choice between two a drug, one of which is more effective and the other more profitable which do you think a board puts on the market? These have many families to feed and expensive monopolies to maintain.A permanent conflict of interest between mission and profit.

condor39 in reply to GioCas

Big Pharma has done some bad things and continues. Americans know that Big Parma gives millions to politicians and the electorate condone this, so they must blame themselves.

On the other hand, Big Pharma has always been profit oriented, it is the Capitalist system, with all its faults. However it does produce some amazing products, even if we pay through the nose for them. Communist countries may not have this profit motive, but neither have they made any significant pharmaceutical progress.

I for one, am very grateful for Levodopa, with which I would be housebound.

So I suggest you get political and stop the big companies supporting political parties, it is strictly controlled in Canada.

GioCas in reply to condor39

If you are happy with the ldopa you have to thank a Polish who synthesizes it the first time and also a Swiss who extracted it from the broad beans. Then came the turn of the Swedish pharmacologist Arvid Carlsson won a part of the Nobel Prize 2000 with an Austrian, all social-democratic countries.

The idea of broad beans was not all new, since the Mucuna (a broad bean) was known and used since ancient times down there in India by the ancient medicine of the Vedas.

You would say that the scientific community was immediately happy with this discovery, but not at all. They contested it decisively.

So the road of research / discovery is very uphill and is carried out by a few individuals.

Against: the conservatism of ideas and the monopoly of profits.

condor39 in reply to GioCas

That was a good article in Nature, thanks.

bepo in reply to condor39

There were cures for cancer in the early 1900's. The Pharmaceuticals shut them down. There is a documentary called "The Forbidden Cancer Cures" that is posted on You Tube. It addresses the control of Big Pharma, that goes beyond cancer. Parkinson's medications are a good example. They don't cure, and have side effects for most. Eventually their efficacy stops, and one is left with worsening conditions.

Read articles by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about how 'independent the CDC and the FDA are. The US spends more money on health than any developed nation, and yet, ranks, I believe, 37 th, when it comes to good health. Why? Pharmaceuticals! Most drugs used to 'fight' cancer are carcinogens.

My husband and I helped a man who was on hospice. We helped him with ozone. He was taking 25 different medications and was barely able to function. 5 of those medications were for blood pressure. He was on 3 opioids for 30 years. He now has changed his diet, and exercises. He takes no medications. His blood pressure is normal. He has not told his doctor it was because of natural ways to treat his disease.

Mucuna for PD and B1 have no known side effects. That along with supplements and good diet and exercise.

Toxins , heavy metal burden, and lifestyle are responsible for all diseases, I believe, including many psychiatric illnesses.

condor39 in reply to bepo

I don’t think there is any point in continuing our conversation,

Suggesting that Pharma stopped Cancer cures is paranoid.

bepo in reply to condor39

Not paranoid. Factual Reality!

Why wouldn't they block others who infringe on their profits? If it's natural, it can't be patented. They aren't interested. They can't make any money. They have even fabricated needs for Pharmaceuticals whereby none existed prior, when they tried to manufacture vigra for women. Watch that video on the forbidden cures for cancer. Learn.

condor39 in reply to bepo

Do you remember how they tried to stop Penicillin because it saved lives/?

NO YOU DON’t . I lust made that up

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