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High-Dose Thiamine Protocol IM Injections


I am new with the Parkinson's Movement Community. I am seeking advice from Parkinson’s patients who have received High-dose Thiamine injections with Dr. Costantini. I started with Dr. Costantini but unfortunately, are missing his continued guidance, due to his health situation.

Profile: 65 years of age, American-born (German, British & French), 5’ 8” height, 125 lbs. weight, diagnosed Sept. 2010, Sinemet: 900 mg/day.

I am currently taking one dose of .5 ml IM injections of Thiamine with a concentration of 200 mg/2 ml twice a week or once every 4th day. Dr. Costantini recommended, when I asked whether to increase the dose, that I, "Keep it the same. The dose will give the maximum of its possibilities within 50 days of the first injection Then we will decide what to do you after sending me a video of the face as you speak, the path and the pull test and your considerations. Based on all this, we will decide.” He never indicated whether he would decrease or increase the dose. It seems it was dependent on the “pull test” and videos of “before” and “after” symptoms. I administered the injections for 30 days, then stopped due to severe fatigue. I thought the fatigue was caused by the B1. I was off the B1 for 17 days and the fatigue persisted. I then started the B1 again for 20 days. The fatigue disappeared quickly and started again near the end of the 20 days. I halted the B1 for 5 days and the fatigue persisted. I started the B1 again and I am improving. My question is, “What have you experienced with your dosing of the intramuscular B1 injections?” I am conferring with my doctor, while I await Dr. Costantini’s return, and would appreciate any insight you may have.

Gratefully, TigerShark

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Very interesting, it would be possible to know your diet (glucose, carbohydrates, proteins), physical activity and other supplements, if I may ask.

I am Gio on thiamine I.m 100mg.Italian.

TigerShark in reply to GioCas

Here is the information you requested I hope it helps.


Mediterranean diet (Dr. Galland’s Fat Resistant Diet)

Lots of whole foods

Mostly organic

50% raw fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts.

Spices include salt, garlic salt, onion powder, pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, ketchup, dijon mustard and nutritional yeast.

Big salad at lunch

No wheat, gluten free diet

No dairy

No sugar

No alcohol

Limited processed foods

Red meat once a week

4-5 oz. of animal protein (chicken, fish, beef) per meal

Drinks: water, almond milk, Kombucha, and hot water with lemon

Oils: Olive and coconut oil


Fish oil, Omega-3, EPA XTRA by Nordic Naturals, 2 at breakfast and 2 at dinner

Calcium Citrate by Allergy Research Group, 1200 mg/day with Mg, 3 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, and 3 at dinner

Neuro-Mag, Magnesium L-Threonate, by LifeExtension, 1050 mg/day 2 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, 2 at dinner, and 2 before bedtime

Basic B Complex by Thorne Research, 1 at breakfast

Vitamin D. 5000 IU by Ortho Molecular Products, 1 at dinner

Vitamin K2, MK-7 by Jarrow Formulas, 1 at dinner

Liquid Vitamin B-12 by Nature’s Answer, 20 drops at lunch

Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care by Garden of Life, 1 at breakfast daily

L-Tyrosine 500 mg by Solar, 1 at breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a total of 1500 mg.day. Plan to increase to 4500 mg/day.

Cysteine made by Healthy Choice Apothecary 500mg. take 3x/day at meals for a total of 1500 mg. Plan to increase to 4500 mg. /day.

Selenium by Country Life 200 mcg., half tab at breakfast and half tab at dinner for a total of 200 mcg./day.

Melatonin by Source Naturals 6 mg. timed release at bedtime

Dulce (seaweed) a little before dinner


Wake up at 6:00 AM and workout in basement starting at 6:15 with strength training followed by aerobic exercise on the recumbent bike or walking five days/week (except when severe fatigue is present)

Exercise makes a huge difference in my health with the Parkinson’s, second to the Sinemet.

I have had thoughts that if I get too much exercise, it triggers the fatigue. So, to be careful, I moderate.

GioCas in reply to TigerShark

wow a fantastic regimen, do you ever feel a slight sensation after a Thiamine injection as if the room temperature had risen? Thiamine has a lot to do with burning sugars. Maybe in your diet it's a little bit but I could be wrong.

TigerShark in reply to GioCas

No, I don't feel an increase in body temperature, but I'm definitely anxious at the time I plunge the 25 gauge, 1-inch needle into my thigh.

GioCas in reply to TigerShark

eh eh Me too, then with time a little passes, now I have been doing them for 4 years. It also happens to me a few days of fatigue, very rare about once a month, the fact that tiredness comes and goes makes it think more of a functional issue, that is a deficiency rather than a structural one. I would see the relationship of Thiamine with glucose and physical exercise as for example in this research, and many other similar. The use of thiamin requires a bit of study and understanding being a vitamin closer to a nourishment than to a drug from a stroke and on.


You can read only the last two chapters .

May I ask about your chief complaints and symptoms?

TigerShark in reply to Kia17

Parkinson’s symptoms and problems I experience at this time.

Biggest problem is severe fatigue

Tremors. Shaking, both sides, mostly right dominant

Slow movement

Rigidity. Muscle stiffness. Muscles freeze.

Stooped posture. Muscles pulling upper body forward

Balance problems, slight, when pivots and turns

Loss of automatic movements: smiling, facial expressions, “facial mask” (right side)

Loss swinging arms

Dystonia, mostly right leg, toes curl, ankle askew, peaks at Sinemet dosing efficacy, attributed to Sinemet

Dyskinesia in right leg due to Sinemet, wild and violent

Writing changes. Difficult to write or type at times during “off” medicine state

Difficulty breathing due to diaphragm muscles not working properly during “off” times

Shaking in jaw and mouth area day when “off” and night, nonstop

Difficulty swallowing

Drooling at night, forms puddle on pillow, can’t sleep on back because drool seeps into lungs and triggers deep coughing. HDT has stopped this.

Freeze in bed, turning difficult. HDT has improved this.

After eating in winter or summer my nose drips (neuromuscular cause, not sinus)

Wake up, start shaking, difficult to fall asleep again, awake frequently each night. HDT has improved this.

Must sit up to turn over in bed. HDT has improved this.

Loss of smell, 75%. HDT has improved this.

Loss of taste, 45%. HDT has improved this.

Soft voice, low volume during “off” times

Applying pressure with hands difficult (e.g., washing an apple or shaving)

Eyes don’ close completely, day or night, according to Ophthalmologist

Lower eye-lid lashes growing at angle, according to Ophthalmologist

Myoclonic jerks at night, solitary jerk occasionally while sleeping

Thank you. My personal experience;

To reduce dystonia; HDT, Magnesium, Low carb diet and intermittent fasting . I took Life Extension magnesium but didn’t work for me as MagTech from Natural Stack.

Again my personal experience: medications will have their optimal results once we have corrected insulin resistance which can be achieved by intermittent fasting or ketogenic diet. If we have insulin resistance, no medication or supplements will help us.

I am wondering why PwPD don’t pay enough attention to the insulin sensitivity. It was the key to my PD symptoms so far.

Have you ever tried low carb diet? It will start showing its results as soon as the liver triglycerides storage ran out. So a blood test to check TG, Cholesterol,LDL and HDL would be very helpful.

TigerShark in reply to Kia17

Thanks for your input. I will re-evaluate the magnesium option. By the way, I believe I do the intermittent fasting. It's 14-15 hours from the end of dinner until breakfast the next morning. I've tried the Ketogenic diet once or twice and it didn't work for me.

Please watch this;


Minutes 3.55 afterwards

Livin_MY_life in reply to Kia17

Thought provoking break down. As a child I had significant ADHD and now my daughter :( I have been working to change her diet in order to ensure the proper nutrients are received...this video provides awesome guidance for each stage. Food for thought (no pun intended!)

I did not see B12 on your supplement list. I had terrible fatigue when diagnosed 7 years ago and my doctor did a B12 blood test. Extremely on the low side. I had B12 shots for 2 years plus oral supplements before I was at a level where I could stop shots. I take 2000 mcg daily orally to maintain. Definitely huge return of energy. Have you had your B12 tested?

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