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Parkinson's Wellness Retreat, Thiamine hcl, fantastic neurologist


Sorry, I posted this on the Parkinson's thiamine hcl facebook group before realising that many people in this forum do not read those posts.

Another amazing open minded neurologist, mine, Dr Sanjay Raghav. I have just attended a Parkinson's Wellness Retreat in beautiful Yarra Junction, Victoria, Australia at the Gawler Foundation Yarra Valley Living Centre and run by Sanjay. The retreat was centred around living well and slowing the progression of PD mainly through the use of a plant based, nutrient dense diet, meditation, yoga and meds if necessary. Last year I had mentioned to Sanjay that I was taking HDT and gave him printouts of info from the health unlocked site. I thought that that was the end of it and didn't think it was my place at this retreat to mention HDT to the other retreat participants. Surprise, surprise when one of Sanjay's power point pages in his talk on supplements specifically mentioned Dr Constantini's research into and use of HDT with success. He also mentioned that a few of his patients were using HDT and he was more than happy for people to research this information. I will also be emailing them what info I can and encouraging them to join the facebook group and the Health Unlocked group. The word is spreading.

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Thank you for posting this here!

One positive step in the right direction at a time! I like it!


That's great news. Thank you 🙏

That's great to hear pjokeefe! please mention to him re Marco's info from "who is taking HDT..." that MJF will co-operate or something and they will belooking at spreading protocol to some countries with some neuros. Ask for Australia please! Thanks.

pjokeefe in reply to TL500

Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't read Roy's post in the face book group until you directed my attention to it. I am seeing my neurologist at the end of the week and will mention it to him as I am sure he will be interested. He is busy organising his own study into how yoga helps slow progression so maybe will not have time to explore HDT but just maybe he will be able to mention MJF's possible interest to his colleagues. Also Shake it up Australia Foundation works in collaboration with MJF so I will contact them to see if there is any interest on their part. I know how much HDT has helped me and I am so grateful for all of Roy's and other members' hard work in spreading the word about Dr Costantini's protocol.

TL500 in reply to pjokeefe

Is it possible you share your experience with HDT on how long you have been on it? how much? what type? what it has helped you please? Thanks

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