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Atypical PD n PSP



My mom has been diagnosed with Atypical parkinson n psp. She has been having mild symptoms over 3-4 yrs n doctors just kept treating her for depression . Last year there was an MRI done n they diagnosed it as atypical PD. She has frequent falls n her body balance is pretty impaired. I have read over internet there have been no break through what so ever for atypical pd. Are there any clinical trials for psp n atypical PD in India or US.

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I would re-post this under the PSP site. There is EXCELLENT shares and information on that site.

Yes, there are clinical trials for PSP in the USA....Biogen and Abb-Vie. Google for information. Also, PSP has nothing to do with Parkinson's but starts out with similar symptoms. Google PRIME OF LIFE BRAIN DISEASES (six of them---PSP, CBD, MSA, FTD, ALS, and CTE).

Parkinson's produces alpha-synuclein in the the brain neurons. PSP produces TAU.

There are also some excellent Mayo clinic presentations on YouTube.

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