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DBS hybrid: Medtronic leads with Boston Scientific stimulator


I have had effective control of my motor complaints of dystonia and dyskinesia for 4 years with the standard Medtronic unit implanted in my globus pallidus internus. The battery life has been limited due to the high output of 2.7 &4.8. I managed to get 30 months out of the initial battery but at current output has its been limited down to 21. I’m waiting to be scheduled for surgical replacement any day now.

I have heard that the Boston Scientific unit has potential to direct the current and give the ability to control some of the unwanted side effects such as dysarthria. It’s possible to be installed and connected to the Medtronic leads, but the control is not the same as it would be with the BS leads. However the removal and reinstalling of the newer leads is much more difficult and risky.

So my question is has anyone underwent either the hybrid approach of utilizing the Medtronic leads and the BS unit or the complete removal of the Medtronic and replacement with the newer BS stimulator? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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