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Does someone know a good quality source of Mannitol from China


I am asking this as amazon do not ship to my country. Same is true for bulksupplements and Blackburn Distribution

While searching on aliexpress and alibaba, I came across a lot of suppliers but I am a bit confused while selecting a Chinese source

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I do not know such a source from China. The point is, I would not trust China for that kind of stuff.

If you have issues with delivery from the US, there is a few companies that give you an address in the US, and will send you the merchandise anywhere in the world. There is MyUS for example. It's pretty expensive though.

I found mannitol for very cheap in a store selling to restaurants. They use it for pastries. It's lighter than sugar. does ship internationally. I've bought mannitol and many other supplements from them and been very happy.

I tried to place order to them, but they regretted to ship

I note that you live in Pakistan. Have you tried Australian distributors? I bought find from Melbourne Food Depot but not sure if they ship internationally. Also quite pricy.

iqbaliqbal in reply to Astra7

thanks, I will check with them

Can someone send describe the mannitol used and how much to take a day?

Icequeen10 in reply to Jumex2017

2. Tsp/day. I get mine from Israel. It says. For Parkinson's

Oceanflow in reply to Icequeen10

Hi, I just received my first shipment of mannitol from Schleider Laboratories (Homeoetreat Lab) in Israel, but I can't read the ingredients because it's in a foreign language. There are only a few words I can read - they are "mannitol" and "mucuna". Does your brand include the mucuna? I'm assuming it's an ingredient, but am surprised, as I thought I was buying straight mannitol. I'm afraid to try it until I know exactly what I bought. Do you have the same one? Does yours also have "mucuna" written on the back of the label?

I have searched out a USA supplier but couldn't find any reviews of them on Furthermore they didn't have an email address of their own domain. Rather they have a Gmail address. I am unable to verify their authenticity

I get mine from Very trustworthy supplier.

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