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Microcurrent neural feedback is it useful?


Microcurrent neural feedback is it useful? I am scheduled for several sessions of this feedback treatment and I hope it is of some benefit . I am posting because I have followed many of the posts here in and can’t recall any mention of this treatment which I’m about to undergo . Has anyone the experience personally of Microcurrent neural feedback ? If the consensus is that it is a bogus therapy I can save myself a lot of money here at Christmas time

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Hi Buzz - looks like your Christmas budget just went up psychologytoday.com/gb/blog...

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Well well Thank you very much

I did Neurofeedback for nine months, and I did believe it helped with my gate and tremor but it was difficult to measure. Then I stopped for four months and realized my gate and tremor was slightly worsening at times . So I start neuro feedback again tomorrow and will report back in a month or two. I go once every three weeks for a one hour session, at $120.00 each session.

What are the symptoms you hope this treatment will help? My father was helped a lot by a simple circulation booster that uses electrical pulses up the legs. His Restless Legs Syndrome has improved dramatically and he can sleep so much better - so we are looking into other types of treatments like Neurofeedback. Be interested to know how it goes for you :-)

I Decided to just buy myself something nice for Christmas

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