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Strange cessation of tremor


I've noticed recently that my right hand Tremor calms down totally when I watch a live play. I went to a Shakespeare festival, trying to score a right hand aisle seat to not bother people. Got stuck in the middle of a row though, and, presto, no Tremor for entire performances (four long plays). Must be a relationship between total focussed, inert, attention and Tremor activity. Anyone else notice this, or have thoughts on it?

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I wish! Only time my ridiculous tremor stops is when I’m almost asleep. I manage a nanosecond of relief. Well done for you!

My tremor stops when focus away. One neurologist told me that means I have no PD but ET; but PD was confirmed by 3 motion disorders doctors and all the symptoms prove it. But some people say the tremor starts when focus away and they can stop it when focus on hand.

Hurrah for Shakespeare......his works/plays help us in different ways.

M1tz1 in reply to enjoysalud

You said just what I was going to say enjoysalud! Blessings.

I know! You were watching The Tempest--Prospero raises his magic staff to freeze all of Ferdinand's movement, and you were caught in the spell.

"My spirits as in a dream

are all bound up. .

might I but through this prison once a day.

All corners else o' th' earth

Let liberty make use of. Space enough

have I in such a prison.

Forgive a little Shakespeare humor.

I do not tremor until I notice I am not tremoring. There they go again! Instead of Telling them to quit, I have to Let them quit by distracting myself.

When first diagnosed nine years ago, I had switched from tremoring right hand to left hand for teeth brushing. I returned to right hand, I Let it tremor and right hand does a great job of brushing.

One of the gifts I got from PD is learning to Let things happen instead of trying to Make them happen.

Working with therapists of massage, energy, Eastern and Western medicine.

Using meds Sinemet, mucana, B1 and cannabis.

Thanks Ronshere, I can now add play attendance to my list of PD therapies! :)

The physician that diagnosed me was discussing various therapies with me after explaining none of these therapies would cure PD, only deal with symptoms. She said "As you debate potential side effects, costs vs potential benefits, ask yourself is this symptom a problem or just a nuisance?

my tremor is very slight unless im watching live sport and its a close game etc. my way is to record it on sky+ then when i know the result. watch at my leisure

When I am very distracted, my tremor is lessened. I was at a family wedding not too long ago and having a blast dancing and socializing with family and friends. I remember saying to my husband, "right now I don't even feel like I have Parkinson's."

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