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Trying B1


I'm new here and I have a few questions about B1-1000mg. After reading about thiamin which I hope is the same as B1, I decided to give it a try. I've just started it yesterday. I couldn't find B1 1000mg, so I got B1 250-mg and am starting off slowly. I'm just taking one tab. in the am and 1 tab eat dinner, so far total of 500mg, should I do that for a week and then bump it up to 2 am and 2 pm total of 1000?? Any input will be appreciated. I've had PD since I was 40 and have been doing pretty good till now, I am 65 and my father had PB too. Thanks

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Fredzu in reply to RoyProp

Hi RoyProp, Re: B1

Thank you for your contributions. I’ve been getting some wicked symptoms, like frequent urine, weakness, swollen eyes, anxiety.

I’ve tried stopping, increasing, decreasing and about everything.

When I have tried meds with high

dosage, I go through the roof.

Anyone having problems with B1?



RoyProp in reply to Fredzu

There are those sensitive to vitamin B1. My sympathy towards them as B1 has helped so many.

Fredzu in reply to RoyProp

I will try it again. It is too promising to give up.

I’m starting to think that these symptoms are due to the smoke we

are getting in California. Gigantic Fire!


RoyProp in reply to Fredzu

My hope is that I can reach a number of PwP to share my good fortune. As the numbers grow, eventually doctors of neurology will take notice. I "cry" for those I am unable to reach in time. I am too late for Elder Morrison.

Elder Alexander B. Morrison, a scientist who fought against hunger and disease and later served in the Quorums of the Seventy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for more than 14 years, died quietly at home on Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, after a long and valiant battle with Parkinson’s disease.

He was 87.

Fredzu in reply to Fredzu

If I test B1 and I am asthmatic, surrounded by smoke, the chance to get valid results is slim and none.

Let the air clean up.


I encourage you to send an email to Dr. Costantini. Tell him your gender, age, weight, age at diagnosis, current symptoms and their severity. Stay in email contact with him until you find the right dose. You can search this site for his email address if you don't already have it. I'm impressed that you have dealt with PD for 25 years! Good luck!


I agree with jimcaster!

Here is the contact info and answers to all of your HDT questions and much more information that will be helpful for you in your B-1 testing.

Another point of importance that you should be aware of is that the people who have tried to do this protocol without the guidance of Dr. Costantini have not fared as well as those who stayed in constant contact with him through the process of finding your optimal dose. He will not charge you for these email consults.


my advice is go into royprop group he will put you right.regards.

I just wrote to Dr C this past Saturday and got reply in an hour or so, and a follow-up response to additional questions also within the hour. He was encouraging and thorough in his response. He advised me to start on 1000 mg per day based on my weight (125 lbs), one dose, morning only. I am waiting until after Thanksgiving to start as worried about possible worsening on symptoms initially that others have reported.

I agree, I'd email him. I gave him height, weight, gender, list of meds and supplements I take, year of diagnosis, brief symptom overview.


I also contacted Dr Costantini, sent full details, and had a swift response. I am following his recommended dose of 1 gram of thiamine in the morning and am in my second week. I have had no adverse symptoms and seem to have more energy and am sleeping better.

Good to hear your response. My sister start yesterday after email advice from Dr C plus he advised her to half dose of C/L, which she has done. Fingers crossed x

RoyProp in reply to Beanie57

What dose size now (CL)?

Beanie57 in reply to RoyProp

She was taking Carbidopa/Lavodopa 25/100mg x1 tablet 3 times per day but her main symptom at present is lethargy and reported an increase since starting C/L so he has advised take 1/2 tablet x3 daily with 1 gram Thiamin each morning. Update him in 2 weeks unless issues before.

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