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My Protocol for Parkinson's


I mix 3 tablespoon scoops of each one of these into a plastic cylindrical shape container and blend together by shaking it up (dry that is). I use 1 TBS. scoop 2x a day throughout the week.

Purchased from




Cumin seed powder


Gotu Kola

Milk Thistle

Suma root

Tongkat Ali


St Johns Wort


Burdock root


Olive leaf

Bocopa Moniere

To these herbs I add:

1/8 teaspoon scoop of 100% l-dopa extract from Mucuna pruriens

2 grams B1(Thiamine hcl)

Purchased from

+ last but not least 1/8 teaspoon scoop of magnesium.(purchase from Ameriherb).

I've had much success with this.

Pic (Recently at lunch with friends) I'm on the far right.

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Glad to see you happy and look fresh.

Enjoy your time




Just wondering if you have ever taken a vacation from your herbal blend and if you notice any difference if you have? If so, what do you notice as different?


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Yes I have taken time off no more than one or two days at the most and the experience has been that some symptoms come back like cramping, Bradykinesia, Stress, anxiety And most of all depression. But it’s important to take breaks.

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How do you know what benefits are caused by the herbs and which benefits are caused by the HDT?


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I have been taking the herbs for longer period of time. What I know is that the thiamine seems to enhance that sense of well being. It feels like it multiplies it by 10.

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That is interesting, Ernie! I just like to ask lots of questions because I have so many questions!


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Guess what? Since I'm going on a trip and I'll be using these new tablets and capsules I bought this week, I thought I'd better try these. So I did and I've realized, the tremor sessation only happens when I take a 2 g dose of thiamine with the 100% l-dopa from Mucuna pruriens. What I did different was I tried breaking up the thiamine dose to 1 gram 4x a day and that didn't get me the results I've been experiencing, but when I did 2 capsules of Barlow's 40% ldopa(650 mg each) with 2 grams of thiamine tablets that brought me very close to the results. So in conclusion I feel the B1 (thiamine) in conjunction with the ldopa is what works. As Dr C has emphasized all along. And you continue to remind us. Thanks Art I'm glad we have you. I couldn't wait to share these results with you.

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That Dr. C is a smart cookie!

I hope others who are taking HDT or considering it will read what you just wrote because it is a very important point that I am afraid that some people don't realize even though Dr. C has stated it often enough and it is on the thiamine FAQ page. That is why I try hard to never second guess his extraordinarily large experience with HDT and standard PD meds! Dr. C has said on many occasions that by him adjusting the B-1 / Levodopa doses he is very often able to take resistant tremors down to very reduced or zero and others on this forum have confirmed as much with you being the lastest! The other important parts of that scenario is that once you are stabilized , have found your correct dose and record a good pull test, you will 1) not have to increase your levodoa dose upward even over years of use and 2) you may even be able to adjust it downward! Hard to beet that because without the addition of HDT, the normal course of events is that you will not only have to continually adjust your levodopa dose up, but eventually it may no longer even be effective for PWPs, even at the highest dose!

Thank you for reporting your experiment experience with the mucuna / HDT dosing, very useful information!

Have a good trip, Ernie!


I hope i understand your post. You are taking Levodopa and also Mucuna?

No, I’m not taking both at the same time. I take mostly Mucuna pruriens from nutrivita 99.6% (or something like that) and once in a while I take sinemet because I’m out and about where I’m not able to mix bulk powder which is what I use.

Thank you. I am new here and have a lot of questions.... Started B1 (thiamine) .

You mention it is working with Ldopa together.

That's great, the questions are very welcome. Glad you're interested in getting relief. Yes the B1 seems to improve the benefits of the ldopa (which in any case would be however you're talking it either through sinemet or from Mucuna).

Do you have any suggestion?

The doc increased my dosage from 1 to 1 1/2 pills of Sinemet( 25/100) three times a day. .

I start taking mucuna pruriens to lower dose of sinemet instead of increasing the sinemet dosage. Does anyone have a suggested dosage of mucuna pruriens to supplement 1 pill of sinemet 25/100 three times a day, in hopes of increasing mucuna pruriens gradually while decreasing sinemet? I also been taking Dr. Costantini's B1 therapy,1 B1 in the morning for 1 month, has not seemed to make much difference. I have a lot of Mucuna 15 % strong by Solay (50mg L-dopa) and Now(150 mg L-dopa). Can I combining and how? Also I went to google and recommendation to take Mucuna after protein meal which helps the mucuna to cross the blood brain barrier.

I feel like I am swimming in a middle of the ocean...

First of all what I would do is get in touch with Dr Costantini via email and have him guide you to the right dose as far as B1(how much are you taking a day)? Then I'd get 100% ldopa (1/8 teaspoon). The combination is these two plus a small amount of magnesium stops my tremors.

I use 500mg per Dr.Costantini Is it important to use after protein or?

Thank you.

All I know is protein interferes with the absorption of dopamine so I don't eat until an hour later. Check the video.

I've seen this guys videos. His Information Is Not Good. From personal experience when I eat eggs the Mucuna (ldopa) doesn't work well. This guy (supposed Dr) is the only one who says this, everyone else says the opposite.

Thank you for your help and be patient.

You're welcome.

By the way I've had my medication increased by my neurologist, twice over the past year. Four months ago to your dose and just last week to four times a day, but what works for me is what I told you previously. What's your age and location if you don't mind.

Hi Ernie ! Can you clarify this it 2 Barlow 's, & 2 gm thiamine

2 times day ? Thanks

Hi Kerrington, I shortened the list of herbs to only four which I'm currently taking a break from. I'm using 4 grams a day of B1 capsules and 1/8 of a teaspoon scoop of powder nutrivita 100% Mucuna and a pinch of magnesium chloride powder.

Thanks. What made you decide to go pure extract ?

Just being in this mess (Parkinson's). This is what I'm doing for B1

Dear Eniediaz

Thank you for your help in explaining to me the mucuna pure99% in a private message.i see in your profile that you diagnosed with PD just lately.2018. ( honeymoon time) .It look like your tremor is no longer existent .do you attribute that the 15 herbs or to the mucuna+ B1. Do you take sinemet as well.? finally I know you traveling soon and you will be using mucuna capsules 40% L dopa. How many capsule are you taking every day to replace mucuna powder. You really have a unique way to fight PD. ( 15 herbs) . Thank you for contribution to this form .beside all the others (Art,Roy kia etc )I am 66 years old now taking L/C 25/100+thiamine 1.5 g ( still looking for the right dose. 5 months so far). I try to use the less drugs because of the side effect. I have fast tremor on my Right hand only when I am stressed or jogging .Diagnosed April 2014 . My oldest brother died with Pd at age 75. His son had PD at age of it’s in the family. I don’t write often in this form but I read all messages. People here are very nice and helping each other. Glad that we don’t depend only on our doctors

Thank you for your help and enjoy your trip.

I attribute the tremor stop time to the Mucuna when I'm not on the Mucuna I have a bad tremor on my right arm and hand, I have to sit on or put it in my pocket etc.. I eat mostly vegetarian for about 20 years so I think that has alot to do with how we help the body maintain and recover although I eat some fish at times very little cheese and I like eggs. I love the people on this forum it's like were family. Like you I'm scared of long term side effects of pharmaceuticals, but I do take meds occasionally once or twice a week, when I'm in a difficult place where I can't fix my mix, Nov 2017 I was diagnosed by way of dat-scan but had symptoms that were very noticeable since Nov 2014 including tremor.

As per my experience for the past two days testing the capsules that I plan to use on my trip starting next week, I have to say my response to your question has changed. The sessation of tremors is a result of a right dose of ldopa from Mucuna pruriens combined with right dose of B1. Only this right combination has given me the results that I look forward to experiencing. Of course I do use herbs daily. I take an off day or two once a month or so from the herbs.

Sorry that was a mistake that I’ve just noticed and edited I was diagnosed nov. 2017 not 2018

Thank you for sharing!!

A happy group !

Question: Do you mix your powder in anything, water,juice, etc ?

Hi Kerrington, I mix the powders in a small as possible amount of water, down it and chase it with a 1/4 cup of grape juice.

Thanks for this, and all the other info recently posted.

You look fantastic - I think I'll have to try and find this herbal concoction of yours! Thanks for sharing it. Are you in the U.S. or ? Can you buy this already put together? I'm in Canada.

Hi Oceanflow, thank you. I'm in New Jersey US but I think these two companies ship to Canada. Where in Canada are you? No this Mix takes some work (but not difficult once you order everything) to put together but it's well worth it. When I run out of the mix, I usually take one or two day break, then I just feel I must put it together otherwise the creepy Parkinson's symptoms start to haunt me. I buy the herbs by the pound so they have lasted all year.

Interesting! How long have you been doing this and has it been able to reverse any of your symptoms?

I have been able t reverse most of my symptoms by doing fast walking, which has been proven to affect the progression of Pd.

If you are interested then look at my website and contact me -

Hi John, I've been doing this since Feb. 2018, the B1 was added a little over two months ago. And yes it puts the symptoms on hold,I don't know if reverse because if I stop symptoms return, so consistency is important. You are well recognized and very much appreciated by this forum, thank you John.

How expensive is a months supply Ernie?

The shipping is expensive, but if you order $200+ shipping is free. These are bulk herbs (1 pound) the amount you buy will most likely last you a year.

With 7 kids, 5 boys who I can barely keep the refrigerator stocked for! Lol I’m always worried about cost. Thank you Ernie sounds reasonable for a years supply!

Wow 😲 you've got a handful and Parkinson's, God bless you and your family. You want to do some research on those herbs on my list and pick and choose the ones you feel you need most. How I do it is, I go on Google and enter for example St John’s wort and Parkinson’s and if it comes back with a good amount of beneficial results I put it on my list. I'm revising the list now but it may take a while because I want to work down the supply I have currently. Anyway take your time and no one knows better than you what's best for you, 😊

Thanks Ernie!!😊

My pleasure!

Thank you for sharing!! Where did you get the idea of ALL these vitamins??? I’ve never even heard of most of them! :-) I’m strarting B1 thiamine hcl soon. Just waiting for it to arrive from Amazon.

Hi Canesgal, you're welcome. I had some familiarity with herbs for a long time and my pastor is an herbalist. But most of the idea on which herbs to use I've gotten from internet research and the rest of the stuff from this forum. It's GREAT you're starting B1, from my experience it enhances the response of everything I use.

Thank you for sharing. Agree, this is like the family. Natasha

I admire your dedication, Ernie! You look happy with your friends, and the food looks delicious and healthy, what is it? :)

Thank you. No one can work harder than ourselves on our recovery. The food is Greek.

Despe in reply to Erniediaz1018

Thought so! I am most familiar with it as I grew up eating it. :)

Erniediaz1018 in reply to Despe

Oh yes now I do recall you mentioned on one of your post.

Ernie, Thanks for all the info and for answering everyone's questions. I really appreciate that you are trying to stay with natural did you know of all these herbs and supplements to take??? I take lots of supplements but some of yours I have never even heard of!

You're very welcome. I've known about the benefits of herbs for a while now and my pastor is an herbalist but when I was diagnosed I started doing some serious research just on the internet and running it by the pastor and trial and error. And of course most of the motivation I get from this forum family. That list of herbs I'm using is working great right now, but I'm working on revising it to make it better although it'll be a while because I'm going to use the supply I have.

I am really glad to hear how well you are doing with the herbs and supplements! I would love to find a holistic practitioner who would advise us on supplements instead of prescription drugs.

Don't know about any of the herbs except echinacea. Long term use can lead to liver toxicity, and should definitely not be taken by a person on immune suppressant meds as will counteract. Its mainly used short term for fighting an immediate virus/bacteria.

I appreciate the heads up. Only in rare cases liver toxicity. I run everything by my pastor who’s an herbalist. Use for over 6 months has been found to be safe.

Hi again ! Just curious as to why you don't include mannitol, and a b complex, or are all the B's in the herbs ?

Hi Kerrington, I'm still working on this. I'd like to get a B complex which is right for the amount of B1 were using. Any recommendations. And mannitol not very familiar with it.

Thanks again Ernied ! Somewhere on this site Dr C said something to the effect that we don't need super doses of B vitamins, because we only get small daily amounts naturally anyway. I decided to take a decent B complex multivitamin suitable for women ( NOW brand...their bio looks good) that contains lots of herbs too, every other day. Sometimes I wait 2 days, as overloading makes me feel sluggish.

Are you on vacation yet ?

Leaving Tuesday. Thank you for the advice I’ll try to do the same. I mean to get something clean and simple and do every couple of days. My parents are from D.R. And my mom is there now, so as soon as we land we're going to pick her up and head to an all inclusive resort for the days. 🌴🌞

It is suppose to be getting real cold here in Jerzey so soak up that vitamin D !

Wishing you & your family a lovely time..

Thanks, I will.

Hi again Ernie ! I'm re studying your protocol. Am I correct in assuming you add the last three items to the 16 herb formula twice a day ? Thanks again..

Yes that's right 😊

I've cut this down to four herbs, and its working just the same. Damiana, skull cap, bacopa moniere and burdock root.

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Now that is a very doable list for most people!



You're kidding ! Wow.....

What do you think happened that allowed this ?

Just experimenting with herbs. I don't want to use too many. It becomes tiresome. 😊

Well, continued success, and keep us posted !


Hello Ernie,

John here. Good to know the details as I read through the post and the replies. Nice to know that you are doing really good with the herbs providing relief. Now that you have com down to 4 herbs and one of them is Skullcap, can you tell me -

is it American skullcap or Chinese Skullcap that you are using?

Also just to confirm - you are telling us that ONLY 4 from the original long list of herbs that you mentioned in your first post are in play, giving you the same benefit as before, while the rest are being sidelined (for now)?



I think it is American skullcap, but I'm not sure. Let me do some research and I'll let you know. And yes these four herbs seem to be providing lots of benefits, but I'm under the impression that because I've been using B1 for over 6 months I'm at peak benefit results for B1. As a matter of fact my pastor who's an herbalist said to me today that I look very good 😊, and I told him I think it's mainly the B1.

Thanks. I asked specifically about skullcap because the Chinese version has its own neuro protective benefits ( and read somewhere that it even helps regenerate neurons - you may want to research it; seems there is a scientific paper on that) while the American version has its own benefits for anxiety too. Googling these 2 versions should shed more light.

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FWIW - Good to know, but always be cautious.

So far I've found some places that suggest the skullcap I'm using is American. It's from

Yes is the answer to the question. Down to four herbs and the rest are on hold. And researched the Ameriherbs websites as they have two and the one with more info on it says American skullcap.

For the benefit of those following this post I've narrowed my herbal list down to these 4 herbs Burdock root, skullcap, bacopa monniere and damiana. In other words I’m mixing only these 4 for the past 2 months 🤔 or so. That is aside from the mucuna, B1 and magnesium.

The Mucana is purchased from Nutrivita. Com

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Thank you!

Ernie, since you also follow HDT are you still inclined to believe B1 is doing the most for you , over the herbs, overall?

And, I think you are now bottling your own Filler free B1 500mg tablets, for sale on eBay - right?

Yes to all. I've taken a break from the herbs altogether for the past three weeks after having reduced to four herbs so yes the B1 and the Mucuna pruriens are giving me the benefits right now, 😁

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Glad to hear you've narrowed down your supplements effectively, Ernie, less is more!


I see you dropped Sinemet Amantadine a while back- so encouraging!

Yes I never really used that stuff just occasionally when on trips but stopped altogether.

Now only using B1 and Mucuna pruriens.

Hi Ernie ! Glad to read your recent posts, and happy for you.

Hi KERRINGTON, thank you.

Thank you for the update, Ernie and I am glad you are doing well on your reduced regimen! I'm assuming you are still well controlled since you are now down to just B-1 and Mucuna? I remember you were taking a boat load of herbs back then! The reduced regimen sounds much easier and cheaper!


Yes pretty much under control except for tremor in between doses.