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Are Sinemet and Madopar the same thing - L-Dopa ?

Currently taking Requip XL but they're starting to wear off . Have tried Sinemet but they made my tremour worse !! Doc has recommended trying Madopar (dissolvable ones) but a low dose once a day to start with as i struggle with mornings (don't we all?) Anyone have experience of this drug "cocktail" (and i know..............we're all different !!) Just looking for some pointers as i have a long road to travel at 46..................

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This site should give you the answers. Good luck


Thanks once again


'Madopar contains two medicines – Benserazide and levodopa. They both work together to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain. Madopar is used to treat Parkinson's disease and its associated symptoms which may help you to become more active.' This is cut & paste from a website. I have tried both Madopar & Sinemet with Requip xl (16mg). I reacted badly to Madopar - we think it was the Benserazide -

so I am now on Requip xl (16mg) with Sinemet (Co-Careldopa) 75mg a day. New thinking is that starting on ldopa early works well. I have my reservations. I can only volunteer information based on my own experience, so here goes. For over 3 years my left side tremor & spasm with associated pain were effectively controlled by taking Disipal (generic: Orphenadrine) alongside my Requip. This eventually gave rise to different unacceptable side-effects so I had to give it up. However I understand that my consultant stuck his neck out professionally for trying this as it is considered 'old fashioned.' I'm not suggesting that you try Disipal but it might be worth discussing with your support team.


hi - i am currently on disolvable modopar 125 mgs 4x a day plus nepro patches 16 mgs - i was on sinemet which made me nauseous - so it really is a lottery as to what suits you- and there is no easy answer as you know by now, that everyone is different -

good luck or bon chance as they say here in france


Merci beaucoup !! Sinemet made me worse so i think it's time to try Madopar (Requip xl 22mg/day as well ) It's not what i want as i wouldn't even take aspirin for a headache a few years ago - but i didn't have this ridiculous disease then - Keep Smiling


good for you - you can only try these wretched drugs cant you ? xx


Hi Helshubby

The short answer to your question is yes in that they are both Levadopa medications.

Madopar is known as co-beneldopa and Sinemet as co-careldopa.

Madopar is levodopa and benserazide and Sinemet is levodopa and carbidopa. This is why the medication is expressed as two figures eg: Sinemet 100/25 . This means 100mg levadopa and 25mg carbidopa.

Benserazide and carbidopa are added to levadopa to stop it being broken down in the body before it reaches the brain.

Hope this is helpful - just checked Drew's link and it has the same information. :)


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