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Manitol experience for PD


Hi everyone,

I am new here. I want to try Manitol for Parkinson. I was diagnosed 6 years ago. I take Sinemet, selegilina and MUCUNA.

Do you buy only manitol or the product syncolein from

Or buy directly from the Dr. Don McCammon by emailing him?

What do you recommend me please?

For start should take one tablespoons with coffee or tea?

After or before breakfast?

Thanks you

God Bless you All


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The following website would be worth a visit:

Amarela in reply to jeffreyn

Hi Jeffrieyn

I read it All, and I read about the Israel Dr who wants to do the trial. But heard from people who just buy and take it it’s very useful for me. I dont know witch is the best to buy. I read some people here only use Manitol alone and some syncolein ( the compost) . I must decide what to buy. The is good?

We can buy in this site without fear about if is a serious product?


jeffreyn in reply to Amarela

The recommended dose of Mannitol is determined by how much you weigh. After you complete a survey at the CliniCrowd website you will have access to a table of weight vs dose. The website also has a chat facility where you can ask all your questions.

Despe in reply to jeffreyn

Is it (survey) still active?

jeffreyn in reply to Despe

Yes it is. They produced their first report a few months ago. Unfortunately, it was based on the data from only about 80 PwPs, because only that number of PwPs completed the survey every month.

Despe in reply to jeffreyn

Thank you. Guess completing the survey monthly was not convenient for the majority of those who were/are on Mannitol.

I buy it on line and take 1 tsp of pure mannitol. I take it in the morning with coffee but it causes a lot of wind so I’m thinking of changing to evening! I weigh 64kg. I don’t believe the measurement has to particularly accurate as it’s just food.

My husband has been taking Mannitol for a few months. He has also been on doxycycline for roseacea. We just had a faeces test done for parasites and bacteria and yeast and he has no bifidobacterium and almost no lactobacillus which are bacteria common in most people. He also did a sibo test and it flatlined for hydrogen where normal guts' bacteria produce it after drinking the solution.

He does have a strange bacteria at very high concentations called corynebacterium amycolatum which apparently is fairly resistent to a lot of antibiotics, and it feeds on mannitol! It is also common in PWP. I am now a bit worried that he has been feeding this beast which is taking over the niche the other ones used to fill before being killed by doxycycline! Has anyone else tested high for this bacteria? I am worried about mannitol now so have stopped him. Is it high in PWP because everyone is taking mannitol, or is it causing the PD?

alexask in reply to LAJ12345

Could well be the Mannitol feeding that bacteria. A bit concerning.

Don McCammon sells mannitol with anti-gas agent under name of syncolein. His site is very safe when my order went to Brazil they sent more before I even paid for it. Its a natural sugar and i take 1 tablespoon in morning coffe. I dont believe you need to weigh it by grams. Go for it its great for mood.

I have been taking a heaping tablespoon with tea every morning for three months, bought online. I have tried to measure its effect by monitoring my exercise walking which varies from good to bad from day to day. I believe it has increased the good days and decreased the bad days, but I cannot be sure.

I think the dosing is very individual. I get great benefit from about 3.5 grams in coffee in the morning (with a spoonful of coconut oil and . I wouldn't necessarily go on the clinicrowd website as it is a complete pain to use imo, and I think if I took the amount they recommended I would spend most of the day on the toilet. The main thing is that it is an osmotic diuretic, so that if you suffer from excessive loose movement when taking it it is too much.

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