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Looking for caretakers of Loved ones with Parkinson’s for a group support within our group as caretaker’s roles


We love our family members and want the best care for them. We need to be attentive, supportive, understanding, loving and healthy!! How are we able to maintain this support without support for ourselves? Where does it come from? Does anybody understands? The answer is within ourselves, we actually do, and we should have a support group to reach out to in those grey moments. Am I the only caretaker feeling overwhelmed at times? Who could I reach out to for a “pick me up” Scotty when “Houston, —We have a problem-

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Welcome. This is a good place for caretakers. Getting support for yourself is essential, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.

I am fortunate to have a local chapter of the Parkinson's Foundation in my area. I serve as facilitator of one of our caregiver support groups. My husband had PD and my goal is to help other caregivers and share information I collect. We share our experiences and often cry together. Caregivers need to know they are not alone.

Parkinson.org has resources available if you would like to organize a local support group for caregivers. Online support is helpful but often face to face is better. You do not need special training, just a desire to help each other.

Thank’s for your reply. I will look into our local chapter of Parkinson’s support group.

I am excited of also having “on line support “ local and world wide “on a text immediate vent “ as our chapter meets once a month.

I will certainly grow into any facilitating position as time allows


sorry your group leaders do not make themselves available between meetings. It is a personal choice but my members are free to call me between meetings.

EELAINE in reply to wifeofparky

Because I identified the city of my residence in my earlier HU entry, about a month ago I received a welcome message from a wife of a local Parkinsons' person. She asked if we can be of support to each other. As a result, we have been meeting every Monday morning. It is a joy for me to be connected to her. When Parkinson's is part of our family, a quick kinship is possible with others in similar shoes. Good luck to others who reach out and find support in your own community!

wifeofparky in reply to EELAINE

so glad you found a support system. I wish you only the best!

it might be helpful if our profiles could contain more precise location. I live near Buffalo NY where we have a wonderful and strong local Chapter. I just wish we had more funding to reach out to more people.

Calchapin in reply to EELAINE

Thank you

Thank you for setting up this group! I look forward to learning and sharing with y'all!

Well, hallo everybody!! I am back! The new kid on the block. Looking forward to share and connect.

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