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An exercise program that helps during off periods


I have always been especially uncomfortable during my evening off period around 6 pm. Out of desperation recently I put on this exercise video even though I always reserved any exercise to when my meds are fully working. But this video mostly involves stretching and relaxing muscles "nice and easy" . To my surprise and great relief it is just what I need to remove the uncomfortable symptoms of my off period. I still shuffle until my meds kick in properly, but at least I can function normally in the meantime.

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How do I get this to translate into English?

Joanne_Joyce in reply to cjsg

The audio is all in English. No problem.

Good Video. May I bring something about this video to everybody's attention.

I saw no that everybody was able to do these exercises, when off their medication, but probably battle to walk without having taken their medication.

The reason why they were able to do these exercises is because they were all using their CONSCIOUS BRAIN to control those movements.

The strange fact is that they could all walk normally, all the time, if they were to control their walking by concentrating on each movement they make. This may sound difficult, but it is very easy. Is a change in the way we think!

If you want to know more about conscious control of movement then look at my website and contact me. It will not cost you a cent.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I am so pleased to read your post. It gives me courage to continue what I am doing, namely, getting people to do fast walking.

I have a Pd friend who walks better when he is "OFF" than when he is "ON". How that happens I do not know. His neurologist keeps on increasing his levodopa medication, but why, I do not know. He is scared to cut down his levodopa medication because of his tremor. Tremor is unsightly, but it is not painful. I am trying to get him to ignore the tremor but he can't.

Has anybody out there found the same problem?

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