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Glucose dysregulation in Parkinson’s disease:


Glucose dysregulation in Parkinson’s disease: a controlled cross-sectional study (S3.008)

Ana Marques, Frédéric Dutheil, Elodie Durand, Isabelle Rieu, Aurélien Mulliez, Maria Livia Fantini, Yves Boirie, Franck Durif

Neurology Apr 2018, 90 (15 Supplement) S3.008;

The libraries that own this title have not been able to locate the supplement referenced. However, it does appear that what was published was simply a brief synopsis of an experiment. I believe this link contains the complete article you are looking for...

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Perhaps this explains why researchers are having some successful trial results with T2 diabetes drugs, like Exenatide, and individuals (like me) are finding benefits from sticking to diabetic (low carb) type diets.

Thanks for posting.

I have "graduated" from two rehab facilities into a nursing home beside a not large hospital. The food policy here is a fattened body is a priori healthier, thus to feed HUGE AMOUNTS of sugar and carbohydrates.

A series of blood pressure readings confirmed that I have postprandial and orthostatic hypotension. "So what! ", say the nutritionists, most physicians and nurses. (But see Vloet et al 2001).

The staff would not feed peanut butter to a child with peanut allergy but they serve me foods loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. The policy is a form of food poisoning.

Sugar is evil, but the pathologies it induces are profitable.

Excess glucose damages the delicate endothelium that lines our arteries, setting the stage for coronary and cerebral vascular disease.5 Previous articles published in Life Extension magazine have shown the deadly impact in response to high after-meal glucose levels.6-14

I'm sorry to hear that and hope that you can persuade people to change your diet. Since cutting out sugar and nearly all carbs my health has improved in many ways.

Some medical staff are open minded and others just follow their textbooks. I hope things improve for you.

Thank you for expressing a positive possibility.

See also:

Dysregulation of glucose metabolism is an early event in sporadic Parkinson's disease.


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