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Why do ppl judge


It's my b.day today I never go out that much cause my tremmers have been bad and my mum n sister wanted to take me to lunch so we go we park in the disable bay I get out the car and my sister is making sure I'm don't fall as that happens when this women starts shouting saying you can't park there get that piss head back in the car n move my sister wow takes two steps back and points at the back of my disabled car as says to women very carmly read that sticker love .. this women is still shouting as she walked over to look and then just stops and looks at me I smile and say youv just proved your 1 of those ppl hunnie ( I may not look disabled but then don't you look arrogant or stupid have a good day ) makes me mad why don't ppl just ask .

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Ha. Perfect. Being gracious is a much deeper cut. I hope I get to use that line before I die.

Kntrach in reply to MBAnderson

Her face went bright red and she didn't know where to look I'm so glad iv got that sticker on my car my sister was ready to punch her but I just smiled and told my sister what goes around comes around sis watch this space lol and oh boy did I have the upper had her shouting went to a mouse lol

We all have our problems! WE have a notice in one of these reserved parking areas that says, "STUPIDITY DOES NOT DISABLE PEOPLE".

jeffmayer in reply to JohnPepper

Absolutely agree

Absolutely disgusting and beyond belief that is the ignorance of today's society if it had been a male I would of been tempted to thump him not the answer I know maybe put a banner on your head saying pd sufferer or maybe we should all wear bright orange t shirts it makes my blood boil anger is not the answer causes stress which as we all know makes us worse

In the 9 yrs since I was diagnosed, I've been mocked in the street, denigrated and once physically assaulted by youths (I wasn't hurt particularly and put in a good show, wink).

I recorded some of these actual incidents in rhyme (kind of).

“Seriously,” she said, “ there is no way on earth I could put up with being your wife !”

I shrugged “ it would never have worked anyway because I’m human and your pond life “.

“What’s it like being a cripple “ cackled the Yobs while giving each other a shove.

“Piss easy” shrugged I “ what’s it like having faces only your Mothers could love”

The old couple said, “You should be ashamed, drunk, you know Vodka's a sin?”

“I believe that is so,” said I,” however, unfortunately, I can no longer afford Gin”

“ Have you lost your f***ing mind !” mocked a man with all humanity erased,

“No, not at all” I, in earnest replied, “ I believe it has been merely misplaced”.

It is a sad and shocking thing that there are so many deeply unpleasant people in society.

bibsie in reply to Niggs

Bravo! Such spirited replies. But what happens to the best of us who don't have such a clever way with words?

Niggs in reply to bibsie

I'm not always that sharp, I usually just give them a puzzled, withering look, sweep my hand from my head to my feet and say 'seriously! '.

Great comeback. Sorry you had to experience this

I love your reply, you maintained grace and eloquence and floored her perfectly. I hope i remember the words to use. hope you had a lovely birthday

Kntrach in reply to alaynedellow

I had a great b.day ty xx

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