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Dr. Laurie Mischley


Just got off the Skype call with Dr. Mischley in Seattle. I have high Arachidonic acid level and low DHEA, Vit D and Uric acid levels in my blood. Recipe for PD disaster....I believe I may be a poster child. No meat, eggs or dairy ever again, period. Fish ok. Fasting 12 hours or more, including 3 hours prior to sleep. Fantastic conversation. The best doctor visit I have ever had with any physician. $250 lab work and $250 doctor visit (60 minutes). I told her it was a steal! I have another appointment in 3 months (my own initiative) that I can't wait for. She is knowledgeable, direct and an optimistic realist, with actual results to guide her. Wealth of info on PD. As her patient, she is having my earwax sniffed by her PD detecting dogs. Never thought I'd be writing those words. lol! She is sending me an email with all her recommendations. I will share when I receive it. My heart is happy!

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All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW!

Looking forward to hearing more from u

What tests did you have and where did you have them done? Please do keep us updated. I'm happy for you!

NRyan in reply to HeartSong

She had me do the Parkinson's panel through the Cleveland Heart Lab. I paid her office $250 and then went to my local Quest Diagnostics with her Rx for the blood test. Super easy and reasonable for such a comprehensive look at my blood. She went over it all with me during my Skype session. The biggest issue I had was with the high sensitivity CRP (hsCRP). Should be less than .8 and mine was 1.5. Not good. at all.


hsCRP (86141)

Homocysteine (83090)

F2-Isoprostanes/Creatinine (82542/82570)

Standard Lipid Panel (80061)

HbA1c (83036)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (80053)

Ferritin (82728)

Iron & IBC (83550/83540)

Vitamin B12 (82607)

CBC w/Auto Diff. (85025)

Uric Acid (84550)

Vitamin D, 25 OH (82306)

OmegaCheck (82542)

DHEA-S (82627)

TSH (84443)

Methylmalonic Acid (83921)

Can you amplify the no meat and eggs thing? I thought dairy was problematic but I didn’t know about the other two. What will you eat?

I have Dr. Mischley's book and she recommends egg yolks.

Remember her recommendations are based on my blood work. She said animal products cause inflammation, increase arachidonic acid and decrease uric acid. These are all things I need to change. I am going to ask her about ghee, whey protein and will also ask about egg yolks (my session ran 75 minutes so I felt bad keeping her any longer). She told me especially no chicken....she said it was the worst meat for me. I think it decreases uric acid levels. I am waiting for her email of recommendations. I will add more info as I receive it. I was meat, dairy and grain free for many months and all my symptoms went away. I ate veggies, nuts and seeds with some fruit. You do get used to eating simply. I fell off the wagon when my sister was dying of cancer and I took care of her. It really is only challenging in times of extreme stress, otherwise it becomes a way of life and all the cravings go away. My family also ate grain-free and vegan with me in our house. When we went out, I encouraged them to eat what they wanted as I didn't have the cravings and wasn't tempted by their burgers and fries. It was interesting...Dr. Mischley believes PD symptomology is directly connected to the gut and what we put in it. She said she has had patients who had PD symptoms that actually had celiac disease. She also said I didn't fit the PD personality type. lol! I don't think my dad did either, but he was diagnosed with atypical PD. She does think its weird my nose works fine (although feels stuffed up and runs constantly.....been to ENT, physical structures look good, been tested for allergies, none found), and is having me redo the sniff test to make sure. She is not 100% sure I have the actual diagnosis of PD. She thinks many people may have the symptomology but not the actual disorder. She said she is thinking more of "Parkinsonism" (a set of symptoms) and finding out what causes those symptoms for each person. I love the thinking!

justhavefun2 in reply to NRyan

That’s what my new neurologist said to me, too! That shocked me, but we are working on the symptoms and see what is left when we are done.

animal products RAISE uric acid,

JGreer in reply to amykp

Yes they do

JerMan22 in reply to JGreer

Actually, dairy decreases uric acid. This video is a little confusing but he clearly says that if you drink cow's milk uric acid goes down 10% within hours, but drink soy milk and it goes up 10% within hours. He also says that vegans do have more uric acid than both vegetarians and meat eaters, probably because vegans don't consume dairy. I think some animal products have more. Tongue and Liver and Shellfish come to mind: youtu.be/mc_IrKSNnVc

NRyan in reply to JerMan22

Ok, I received the recommendations today and it is more clear to me. Dr. Mischley doesn't want to just reduce or increase my levels, she wants to eliminate what's causing the issue, THEN add healing things that increase or decrease as needed. Example....dairy increases arachidonic acid. Mine is too high. I eliminate dairy. I also add other things like fish oil (has arcahidonic acid) that I need for EPA + DHA. The fish oil does increase my arcachadonic acid, however, it does not go too high because I have eliminated dairy and/or meat....the things that were causing it to be elevated and have 'not as much benefit" as fish oil for a PwP. I have low uric acid level and as a PwP, I need a higher level (research is pending). Dairy lowers uric acid. I eliminate what is lowering it and add more nutritious (fiber, vits, etc) fresh fruit that raises it. I have a higher level of uric acid now, with nothing "pulling" it down, just healthy food to keep it up. Since I eliminated dairy, my uric acid level does not go too high and cause kidney damage/gout from the fruit I am consuming.

She says to fast 12 hours every day with 3 hours after dinner included in that 12 hour fast. She also said to exercise 7 days a week.

Diet based on the CAM Care PD data (I think someone posted a video of her talking about the results and recommendations)


fresh fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds, olive oil, non-fried fish, wine, spices, fresh herbs, coconut oil.


all dairy, beef, soda (especially diet), fried foods, canned fruits and veggies

She encourages 3 mg melatonin at night.....but only if you wake in the night (between 12-2), take it then. She also encourages 500 mg oral glutathione first thing in the morning.

JerMan22 in reply to NRyan

Interesting and thank you for sharing. Most of that is in harmony with what I've learned over the last 2 years, except for this short video which shows the effect on inflammation of combining some foods with others: nutritionfacts.org/video/ef...

ConnieD in reply to NRyan

Thank you for all this great info!

lol! I may have gotten that wrong. I am waiting for her written instructions, that may help my memory and understanding. Either way, she said no animal products for me. :(


Certain basic probiotics will lower high sensitivity C-reactive protein among many other health benefits! This PubMed abstract illustrates that fact fairly well.



Int J Rheum Dis. 2016 Sep;19(9):869-79. doi: 10.1111/1756-185X.12888. Epub 2016 May 2.

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Author information



This study was performed to determine the effects of probiotic supplementation on clinical and metabolic status of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


Sixty patients with RA aged 25-70 years were assigned into two groups to receive either probiotic capsules (n = 30) or placebo (n = 30) in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The patients in the probiotic group received a daily capsule that contained three viable and freeze-dried strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus (2 × 10(9) colony-forming units [CFU]/g), Lactobacillus casei (2 × 10(9) CFU/g) and Bifidobacterium bifidum (2 × 10(9) CFU/g) for 8 weeks. The placebo group took capsules filled with cellulose for the same time period. Fasting blood samples were taken at the beginning and the end of the study to quantify related markers.


After 8 weeks of intervention, compared with the placebo, probiotic supplementation resulted in improved Disease Activity Score of 28 joints (DAS-28) (-0.3 ± 0.4 vs. -0.1 ± 0.4, P = 0.01). In addition, a significant decrease in serum insulin levels (-2.0 ± 4.3 vs. +0.5 ± 4.9 μIU/mL, P = 0.03), homeostatic model assessment-B cell function (HOMA-B) (-7.5 ± 18.0 vs. +4.3 ± 25.0, P = 0.03) and serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) concentrations (-6.66 ± 2.56 vs. +3.07 ± 5.53 mg/L, P < 0.001) following the supplementation of probiotics compared with the placebo. Subjects who received probiotic capsules experienced borderline statistically significant improvement in total- (P = 0.09) and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol levels (P = 0.07) compared with the placebo.


Overall, the results of this study indicated that taking probiotic supplements for 8 weeks among patients with RA had beneficial effects on DAS-28, insulin levels, HOMA-B and hs-CRP levels.

© 2016 Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology and John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.


metabolic profiles; probiotic; rheumatoid arthritis; supplementation

PMID: 27135916 DOI: 10.1111/1756-185X.12888

[Indexed for MEDLINE]

Thank you. I do need to look at how I can change the levels through food and supplements. This article is a good start!

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Just a little bit later today, I am going to be adding a post to my probiotic thread that shows that probiotics also increase glutathione level very significantly, which is good for everyone, but critical for PWPs because glutathione is one of the bodies highly potent antioxidants that helps to protect against the damage that occurs in the brain with PD.


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Link to that post, please!

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Thanks for your post. Does anyone know if dr mishley has an opinion on thiamine/b1? Did this come up in yr consultation?

Yes, I asked her, she said that due to lack of valid research, she can't recommend it, but it can't hurt

I didn't ask her, but I will. I am compiling a list of things to ask her next time. We did talk about fish oil, Vit D, glutathione and melatonin. She thought all those were vital for me at this point in time.

YES! My wife and I went vegan 6 months ago and it gave me a boost of energy that I really needed. More specifically, WFPB (whole food plant based). Fish oil can have mercury of course, so I take vegan Omega-3 with DHEA, derived from algae (which is, after all, where the fish get it from). Eating/drinking a little bit of soy products can increase uric acid (which is good as it works with glutathione). nutritionfacts.org/video/pa...

I will write more tomorrow, but I'm happy for you! You've already lived this way, so you know that vegan food can be really tasty as well as great for your health.

Is the 12 hr. Fast daily? What is the PD personality type? Thanks for the great information !!

I am assuming daily 12 hours (+) fast....3 hours of it before bed. She said she has noticed with her interaction with lots of PwP that they tend to be more reserved (didn't get tickets when they began to drive, work as a librarian). I assured her I ended up with plenty of tickets before the age of 30 and I talk too loud to work in a library. lol! My dad was also a very free spirit and didn't fit her description.....although he was a bookworm. She said it was just her observation.

Heh, I am not reserved either! Wasn't before, and am not now!

BTW I eat keto, LOTS of dairy (high fat only, cheeses etc) some meat (grass fed only) and tons of eggs (especially yolks. No fruit. Lots of veggies, though. My doctor's all for it. Which is interesting. Why don't these doctors get on the same page?

Where does Dr. M get her info? I don't believe there are ANY prospective studies condemning dairy, eggs, or meat for PD. There are associative studies, particularly linking LOW FAT dairy to PD. That's it...as far as I can find. And that's a big difference.

I know she has done research and has had many (2000?) PD patients. I have a list of questions for her....I will add more specific discussion about meat and dairy to the list. Remember....this is what she recommended for ME based on my lab results, family/personal health history, symptoms, past/present nutritional habits. etc.

AmyLindy in reply to NRyan

Dairy = lower Uric acid = bad

Have you had the 3 month follow up with dr. Mischley yet? Would very much appreciate any information!

I have an appointment next week on Thursday. I'll let you know the update.

Excited for you & I respect her, too ! But the earwax - too far off for me (almost discredits her otherwise stellar reputation in my mind, anyways)!

ILW2 in reply to AmyLindy


I had my session with Dr. Mischley a few weeks ago. I did not do any blood work prior as I didn't have time. Our session focused on earwax results, lithium orotate, consumption of dairy products, gut health and impact on PD, fecal transplant, elemental diet. I have since done a smell function test, blood work and a hair test. I will get results and have another session with her in early April. I love the fact that she is taking new information (PD can be smelled) and experimenting with it. I love that she was focused on glutathione and now lithium orotate. It is ideas, hypotheses that help to discover new information. I love that she is doing anything to help PD information progress. She has a very busy practice....she doesn't have to do any thinking, research....she could simply spout out protocols like so many of our neurologists do. Nothing is too far off for me for science to examine. Look at the gut and PD. Who knew? I think keeping an open attitude is helpful to me, even if I can't afford most of it. I do know she has thousands of ear wax samples being sent to her. She trained the dogs herself and does the sniff test for all the earwax for free. I know she retests several times to make sure. I was so grateful she took her personal time to test mine. She does not test at the office. It is something she does on her own during her off work hours. She is a mom and she is taking time from her kids to help me for free? Thank you Laurie!

How long did you have to wait for first appointment.

I think a month or two, but she has become quite popular. It is easier to get an appointment if you are an established patient. I book my second appt 6 months in advance.