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NYSCF Hosts Panel Discussion on Parkinson’s Disease Research and Treatment


Years ago, a physician in her sixties started to develop a tremor. She sought treatment from Dr. Susan Bressman, who diagnosed her with Parkinson’s disease. The patient’s grandfather had Parkinson’s, and it seemed likely that the disease was the result of a genetic mutation passed down from her mother’s side of the family.

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When do they start the trials, how long will it take, and how long before they find THE CURE? Have heard this over and over and over! We need results yesterday!! So many trials are going on, but no conclusions. . .more trials are needed as they conclude most of the time!

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hi Despe,

you do not need anything else, and soon it will be a certainty for you.

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You are absolutely right, Gio! We have Dr. C. and his B1 therapy. Don't need anything else. And if they do find a cure, we will go for it! :)

There was a bio marker of the stadium or progress of Parkinson's disease would be all faster.