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shallow breathing


Recently I started having a problem getting a deep breath. It comes and goes. I had the same thing a year ago but it went away. Could this be related to PD. I also have a lot of plegm in my throat. I started B1 and I am waiting to hear from Dr.C regarding dosage. I have gone from 8g,4g,2,1g. Do not feel as good as before. Hope B1 works for me.

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My husband has trouble breathing when he gets stressed. When the stress passes, he is fine again.

I have had this for about 18 months. I have reported it to neurologist who denied it was anything to do with PD. If you Google it you will find information. I find it very much connected with wearing off of medication. I feel frustrated and neglected. I hope you have better luck than me.

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Hang in there, Martin. We care.

This might be helpful.

I too have this difficulty. 3 yrs dx

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