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Shoulder pain


Hi all. What’s up with this shoulder pain and PD? Does it generally worsen over time? I’ve had shoulder stiffness for 10 years or so, dx with PD 2 yrs ago. X-ray shows old torn rotator cuff. Just started recently small amount C/L but shoulder stiffness still there. How much can I attribute to PD? Is it meant to improve with senemit? Thanks kind people

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My husband has had terrible pain in his shoulder for yrs. apparently it’s a common issue. Recently he’s had cortisone injections which helped a lot.

Knee pain also seems common well before diagnosis. I wonder if it is all to do with favouring one side.

My shoulder and neck have been killing me for the last few weeks. I think it is due to the muscles in my arm and shoulder tensing and possibly pulling the spine out of alignment.

I’m a retired PT with PD going on 20 years. I had to close my clinic 9 years ago due to my inability to maintain a schedule.

Although there is a significant amount of us complaining of neck and shoulder/arm pain, I don’t think that there’s causal relationship. I am of the opinion that common problem of degradation of the neck and shoulder are aggravated by the increased muscle weakness, tone and stiffness of PD. Throw in the trauma from falls and overuse-like micro trauma and you develop very debilitating pain and dysfunction that feeds each other.

The best approach to solve the problems is to “degrade the degradation process.” Find a good PT and see if there isn’t some good exercises for managing the problems.

Apparently (according to some studies) shoulder pain and weakness (frozen shoulder) is not uncommon among PWPD...and could for some be a presenting sign.

"Parkinson's disease should be added to the list of

predisposing causes for frozen shoulder, the mechanism

likely involving lack of movement about the joint

brought on by akinesia. We would emphasise that

frozen shoulder should be recognised as a possible

presenting feature of Parkinson's disease, as it was in

at least 8% of our patients."

Akinesia-Loss of the power of voluntary movement.

I’ve had several torn rotator cuff surgeries and live with scar tissue. I was taking pain relievers and arthritis meds to deal with it. Sinemet took the pain away almost immediately.

B1 has relieved my right arm, shoulder stiffness, and pain.

The funny thing is if the docs can’t find areas on and you have the dx it will be blamed on the illusive PD. They know so little

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