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Good morning everyone !

Every month I can count on a couple of “off” days..... not just hours, days!

The past year has gotten much much worse.

For example, this past week, I was off Thursday 8/30 thru Monday 9/3

Sunday being the absolute worst... pretty much bed ridden.

And yes, these off periods do cause severe depression.

seems obvious it’s hormonal, right?

So I ask, has anyone experienced this?

How did you treat/deal/survive?

And ... was it resolves with menopause ?

Anxiously awaiting any help/advice.

Thank you all,

Warm regards


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I've been raising this issue for years and gotten no help. I'm 45 and I'm think ok thinking since Parkinsons is an "old person" diseases there's not a lot of research done on how our hormones can be affected by Parkinson. I've since had a partial hysterectomy I still have an ovary which gives me issues month after month. I try to get extra sleep during off periods

Cbgs in reply to Jbcourcy

That was my thought too ..

But there has to be many more like us now.

I’m going to call my Gyno...see if they can/will do weekly tests for a month

Then get regulated so I can function

And pray it works

I’ve had pd for 6.5 yrs already

Still literally suffer every month

I’m really in a bad place now

Pd has effected every ounce of my being

I’m a shell of what I once was

Last Friday it took from noon til 6 pm to get right so I could work

I was able to work 6pm-8:15, then had to drive home 35-40 minutes

I was home bound Saturday thru Sunday

It was horrible

All I do is cry and the worst part is ... I’m now telling my husband that I can’t & don’t want to go on like this

This is not me .... I’m so down

I’m sry to lay this out here, but I need someone to hear me & help me

Thank you for listening

Warm regards


Lucal in reply to Cbgs

I'm not a woman and therefore I can not give you advise. I would like to report what my neuro told me incidentally , I was there with my wife ( which is going throught menopause and is very nervous...) he told me that PD on menopause can give very hard time , as usually brings a temporary but strong worsening of non-motor and motor symptoms. Sorry for my english.

Jbcourcy in reply to Cbgs

hang in there. thankfully it's a new day every morning. how did you sleep? I know exactly how you are feeling. you are not alone .my thoughts and prayers are with you

M1tz1 in reply to Cbgs

You're in my prayers, Cbgs. We care about you.

I am dealing with this as well. The hormone changes and PD are intense. Right now there is little research and awareness. Hence, physicians are at a loss to offer advice and treatment plans. I've been following the thyroid and the women's health forums on HU for the last couple weeks. The thyroid forum posts are impressive.

Have you spoken to your PCP about some kind of hormone regulation? This could be oral contraceptives or HRT, depending at which stage of menopause are you? I'm on oral contraceptives which helps a lot. I can tell the difference in my mood when I'm on the placebo pills in the pill cycle. I would definitely speak to your primary care physician.

Cbgs in reply to iRobot

Thanks for your reply

I need to revisit oral birth control

And/or hormones

I def can’t go on like this

Thnks again


My husband has had PD for 4 years. Last year he was on testosterone injections and had enough energy to take 4 trips. It helped his tremor, muscle weakness and energy level. He stopped for 6 mos and everything got worse. Getting back on with the gel which now comes in Generic and more affordable. I have been on LifeFlo Bioidentical Progesterone cream for 15 years. Traumatic life events threw my hormones off. And pharma hormones did not work well felt horrible. I found Dr John Lee's book " what your doctor might not tell you about menopause" started the progesterone. I'm 66 and never had menopause symptoms. I would highly recommend it

Cbgs in reply to Cowpatti

Thank you

A friend just mentioned bioidentical hormones

I’ll ck out the book too!

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