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Fantastic workout tracking app for PWPs


If you are reading this then you are aware the specific work out routine for a PWP has many custom exercises that the major tracking apps do not have. I found a fantastic app that you can customize every part and it has the tracking reports for the custom exercises. That is the good news. But it is only good if you have an Android phone. It could be bad news for some.

The app is called FitNotes. You can download it from the Play Store. You can also look at the help site to get a good overview of what this app can do.

It will even let you keep track of your weight and will graph your weight loss progress. Bailey, if you have an Android phone you might want to check it out.

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Thank you Don_oregan_duck. I'll have a look. I haven't been diagnosed as a PwP but do have a tremor.

One of us should build and upload a PD-specific workout to Jefit.

What is your work out routine?

I just joined a gym and have been trying various classes. Much to my surprise I felt worse than I ever have after a yoga class. I'm scared to try it again!

My routine is quite unique. It starts with time on the Theracycle. Then deep squats, wall sits, burpees, etc. Mostly passive, stretching movements because of my two torn rotator cuffs and work in progress lower back issues.

I had a personal trainer when I was first DXd. He did not change my program. He did not understand a PWP priority should be movement and not strength training. So I changed trainers. Do you know if your training program is correct one for a person with Parkinson's?

I follow exercises in Arthur W Curran's book. "Dumb bells and Dopamine a Parkinsons success story". I also run and take yoga class

Help, I have PD I don’t exercise at all due to my poor balance and of fear of falling, I used to love dancing 🕺 now I just look at people dancing. Most of you guys on this site all have an exercise routine, I wonder if I am just afraid 😱 of falling, any suggestions on what type of exercise I should do? Is there out there people with balance problems but still exercise?

I have balance problems and a fear of falling, especially because I also have osteoporosis. I exercise on a spin bike at the local YMCA in class called Pedaling for Parkinson’s three times a week. It has proven to be beneficial for PD by the Cleveland Clinic. Check out: innovations.clevelandclinic...

I also take a PWR! Moves class twice a week (PRW=Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery). See They have an exercise book and some online videos if can’t find a local class. They do seated exercises and floor exercises where you don’t have to worry about falling. When they do standing exercises I often hold on to the back of a chair for balance.

I have also seen seated yoga classes. One woman I know teaches a dance class and there are some people in the class that are in wheelchairs. If you have a local PD support group, check with them about exercise programs.

Good luck in finding something that works for you and you enjoy.

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