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Hi, I have had PD for 7 years. This request is however not for me but for a close friend who has had PD for about 10 years. She is finding that when she takes Sinemet for Parkinson's relief from symptoms within minutes she gets Blethero spasm and her eyes glue shut. She is only able to see when meds wear off but then she shakes uncontrollably. Is there anyone who can help/make suggestions?

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Blethrarospasm occurs when the muscle that closes the eyelid contracts or goes into spasm. This can

cause repeated twitching of the eyelid or difficulty in keeping the eyelid open. Sometimes the eyelid may close completely.

The cause and treatment of blepharospasm are complex because levodopa, one of the main drugs used to treat

Parkinson’s, may cause it, but on other occasions these drugs can help to improve it. In mild cases, simply rubbing

the eyelids may help. Sometimes, injections of botulinum toxin (botox) are used to treat it.

* I take the botox injections around the eyes. I see my neurologist every 3 months for this. Unfortunately, it does wear off before the next dose. For me I usually get 8/12 good weeks.

Thanks, she is considering the botox injections but was concerned because apparently they can cause, probably in rare cases, swelling of the eyes and blurred vision

I have had no bad side effects except for dry eyes. But the benefits definitely out weigh the negative

Botox injections could be extremely helpful for this woman. She should press her neurologist to discuss with her.

thanks for your input

depends were she lives can she buy msdopar as sinemet made me go to hospital there is a differents between the 2 also how much sinemet is she taking as well.regards


Joaquin Farias has a natural treatment for blepharospasm fariastechnique.com

Hi. I can offer hope. About 1.5 years before my PD diagnosis, in November 2015, blepharospasm debuted, and within several months it became so frequent and severe that I could not live and work normally. I received almost every conceivable form of eye therapy from several ophthalmologists. None worked. Then, in September 2016, I learned about Botox and promptly started the therapy. It worked miracles. After just 5 shots spaced 2-3 months, I became totally symptom-free. I had my last Botox shot in June 2017, ironically 1 week before I got the diagnosis of PD, and ever since never needed it again.

My motor disease specialist explains this with brain's neuroplasticity. It was shown that, Botox can induce beneficial changes in the motor control pathways of dystonic brains.

My doctor was very competent in Botox application. Experience is everything. I had absolutely no side effects. Only problem: injections are painful, but for a few seconds.

Good luck. I hope your friend could get a similar benefit.

I am not sure if my experience helps much in light of what other people have said but I have had blepharospasm since my DBS surgery 4 years ago. I tried botox but the beneficial effects only lasted a couple of weeks and were diminishing. I also tried hypnotherapy, ptsosis props, tight bands around the head, sun glasses... None of them helped. I am registered partially sighted and my eyes are closed for 70-80% of the day. Since botox has had such a beneficial effect for the others who have already responded to your request for advice, it is definitely worth your friend trying that first. The medics don't believe my blepharospasm had anything to do with the DBS so I am very interested in hearing that it is another symptom of Parkinson's.

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