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Mucuna Pruriens and Excessive Urination


I am taking Mucuna Pruriens in concert with EGCG (Decaffeinated) and Quercetin. I always have to stay near a bathroom for 45-90 minutes after I take it to make frequent (every 10-20 minutes) trips to the bathroom. Is the Mucuna a diuretic? Anyone else experiencing this problem? It really messes up my day having to set aside 90 minutes twice a day to take and adjust to the effects of these supplements. I don't think it is prostate related as I was on Flomax for a year and it did nothing for me. Will appreciate any thoughts/tips on a possible solution to this problem.

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Mucuna, quercetin and egcg can all act as diuretics and the combination is probably synergistic in that respect.


If you have to empty a full bladder then it is not prostate/UTI related.

Have you found a remedy to this problem yet? I also take mucuna and experience frequency and urgency issues. Adjusting the dosage doesn't seem to impact this issue. I've even tried reducing my liquid intake and that doesn't seem to help either.

I have had some success with Terazosin. It was originally formulated as a prostate drug but I believe it is to be re-purposed and undergoing trials as a PD drug. I'm told it helps females with urination problems as well. Hope this helps.

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