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Elderberry syrup - has anyone taken it? Did it affect your PD symptoms?


Has anyone taken elderberry syrup? If so, how did it affect your PD symptoms? I'm asking because I just read an interesting article about Purdue University researchers studying potential ethnobotanical PD solutions from plants used by Native American Indians. The researchers studied what plants Native American Indian healers would use for symptoms that closely resembled the symptoms that we call Parkinson's Disease today.

Here's a link to the article for anyone who is interested: realnatural.org/native-amer...

The elderberry is on their list of especially helpful plants for the neurological-like ailments. I'm somewhat familiar with elderberry because I've read of extensive research done by Israeli doctors on elderberry's ability to eliminate flu symptoms within one to two days. If it can also slow the progression of PD, it's worth looking into.

I'll talk to my neuro about it. However, he vetoes almost everything I bring up that is not main stream drugs, surgery, or bo-tox injections, so I have to get my "alternative" information elsewhere.

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His reaction is typical. MDs are propagandized to believe prescription meds can do no harm and anything else can do no good.

Apparently it is the flower extract that is effective:

"the elderflower extract rescued mitochondrial functional deficits in a neuronal cell line and alleviated neurotoxicity elicited by rotenone and aSyn in primary midbrain cultures."


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Thanks, park bear. (As I typed out your screen name, I had a picture in my mind of a big bear in the woods munching on a bush full of luscious elder berries! Yum!)

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Oh yes, I do follow the bear diet - nuts, berries, and salmon : - )

It's disappointing how uninterested they are in any new treatment ideas. Mind immediately points out side effects and shakes his head looking sad! Then he gives me a repeat prescription!

My father has Parkinson’s. I was making a batch of elderberry syrup for us to prevent any flu bugs. I wanted to make certain it was ok for him to take... them I read your post. I am intrigued and want to learn more.

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