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A little known Herb


Uncaria rhynchophylla or the cat's claw (Not to be confused with "Uncaria tomentosa" which is also called Cat's claw) herb is a plant species used in traditional Chinese medicine found effective in PD symptoms.



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Very interesting!

Available from Amazon in various forms:


iqbaliqbal in reply to park_bear

I have purchased powder extract 10:1. Have started Dose of 3 grams per day since yesterday.

dadcor in reply to iqbaliqbal

Will you pls update on effects?

JANVAN in reply to iqbaliqbal

Hi Iqbaliqbal ! And do you extra add some acupuncture to reinforce the effect ???

marcet in reply to iqbaliqbal

Hi, what brand and which one exactly did you buy ?

iqbaliqbal in reply to marcet

I purchased it from Aliexpress

marcet in reply to iqbaliqbal


Hi Iqbal

Any news from resuming your Ibogaine regimen?

iqbaliqbal in reply to Kia17

Have resumed it since three weeks, however I am unable to find the right dose yet. I had contacted patient D (whose videos are available on YouTube) and another famous patient "Bill" who have success with ibogaine. Patient D takes 50 mg twice a day whereas Bill takes 20 mg twice a day (a big difference). Both have found their optimum doses. I am trying the same!!

I strongly suggest and encourage you to start trying it, because microdosing in not dangerous. Believe me it is more effective than B1 if right dose is found

Kia17 in reply to iqbaliqbal

Thanks for your update.

dadcor in reply to iqbaliqbal

Are you still using the capsules?

kgold in reply to iqbaliqbal

Curious as to your comment "believe me ...". Have you done the B1 therapy to compare? My husband started on B1 3 weeks ago and he has started to do some office things on the computer. This has not been the norm for him these past 10 months. His mood is brighter. On the Iboga front, I ordered 5 weeks ago. It got stuck in Johannesburg because of a postal strike. It appears en route to US now. Will probably be 7 weeks before it arrives and husband has been off all this time. For now, we're sticking to B1. I was told the iboga will be good for at least a year so maybe we'll pick it up again later.

Hi iqbaliqbal

Many thanks for reporting on Gou teng (Uncaria rhynchophylla). It is very interesting. It makes sense to me as it is an effective herbal remedy for chronic Lyme disease. There is often a connection between late stage chronic Lyme and PD. Dr. D. Klinghart at Sophia institute claims that during the last 5 years, most of the PD patients coming to the institute shows up to have chronic Lyme when tested with more sophisticated methods.

Cats Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) from Amazonas have been one of the most used natural remedies and is listed in the Buhner protocol. A few years ago this have again in most cases been switched to to Gou teng by knowingly herbalists

If the link opens it is to a more recent Chinese study on this for PD, concluding that it is helpful, although the translation is a little sketchy. There is an email address for a contact.


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