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Thiamine side effects


😂 "... there are no collateral effects of thiamin administration, even when used at high doses long-term (10).

In fact, thiamin is nontoxic to the body even at excess amounts (15), and doses as high as 3 to 8 grams per day have been used to treat Alzheimer’s disease without adverse effects (8). Only mild tachycardia appeared in one patient in the IBD study, which abated upon reduction of the dose (8)."

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Good on you, Roy! Glad we both appreciate B1 and its results. Let some PwP argue, waiting for scientific trials to prove efficacy of B1.

Good reply...I’m one who will keep taking b1...

Thanks for info. Thinking about increasing Thiammin for hubby.

Roy, I am tremor dominant. What effect has B1 had on your tremor throughout the process, both good and/or bad? I have tried B1 at various dosing- I feel improved energy/cognitive, but also increased tremor....

in reply to healthabc

I was suffering, unwell due to all the Parkinson symptoms. That all that changed after B1. Don't expect great changes in tremor.

Roy, do you drink coffe if using B1. Saw someone said it renders thiamin useless. I take mannitol in coffee.

Thank you

I don't drink coffee

Thanks Roy

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