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I now know the feeling.

Vasodilation from high dose Sinnemet. Shoulder and arm weakness. Light headedness, hint of dizziness.Presyncope.

Ali N, Grossman SA.

Nissa Ali; Shamai A. Grossman1.

1 HVD Med Sch.

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Last Update: October 6, 2017.



Presyncope or near-syncope is often ill-defined and may have different meanings to different providers but denotes near fainting or a prodrome of syncope. The most uniform definition is “feeling like one was going to pass out but without actual loss of consciousness.” Near syncope can last for seconds to minutes.

Symptoms may be accompanied by a feeling of lightheadedness, general weakness, warmth, diaphoresis, nausea, palpitations or blurry vision.

Although often perceived as more benign than syncope, data suggest that both the pathophysiology (cerebral hypoperfusion) and outcomes of near syncope mimic those of syncope.


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It can be followed by actual syncope with uncontrolled fall and injury. Get yourself a blood pressure cuff, if you don't already have one, and measure your blood pressure both standing and lying down. What other meds you taking?

I get presyncope about 10 seconds after a sudden stop to a fast walk (e.g. to cross the road). It goes away about 10 seconds later. I have fainted once (that's much less than 1% of the number of more minor attacks). The things that seem to improve it: rather than come to a sudden stop, slow down slowly; walk on the spot; be "on"; drink plenty of water beforehand; eat crisps for their salt.


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