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After 5 years, my tremors have increased to a point were they are far more than just inconvenient. I tried C/L for about 2-1/2 moths, but it made me horribly ill and didn't seem to do much for the tremors. I take amantadine 100 mg three times a day, and ropinirole 8 mg once a day. Has anyone had any good results with something else to reduce tremors?

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Yes, while I was on vacation for the past two weeks and so away from home where I normally take 15 herbs + MP daily, I decided to take with me the pharmaceuticals which were prescribed to me which are sinemet and gabapentin and they worked like a charm. I'm dreadfully fearful of the side effects of conventional drugs. My Parkinson's is tremor dominant, and I should mention that the MP+ herbs works very well also, but the only thing is they are never easy as swallowing a pill.

S70AWD in reply to Erniediaz1018

C/L is the generic form of sinemet and I can't take it. I'll have to ask my doctor about gabapentin. Thanks for responding.

Rosabellazita in reply to S70AWD

I was prescribed gabapentin but never started it because of the side effect I read about that it damages organs

There are GABA nutrition supplements: Google Daniel Amen MD

marcet in reply to Erniediaz1018

I also have pd tremors dominant...What is 15 herbs ? What mucuna are you taking and how much ? Are you still happy with gabapentin ? Any side effect ? Thanks for your help

Erniediaz1018 in reply to marcet

I don't take conventional drugs except sometimes like vacation. I take most of the herbs listed here

which I bought in powder form from

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Despe in reply to Erniediaz1018

Lots of capsules and expensive treatment. Does it at least work?

Erniediaz1018 in reply to Despe

No capsules, powder form. And not expensive at all. It works very well. I have to say lots of work and trial and error but it's paid off.

@erniediaz Ever thought about growing your own mucuna?

Wow that sounds like a challenging but encouraging thought.

Call 44 1925211551 Mike uk

AmyLindy in reply to eckerman

Mike, who was your ph intended for? (what’s ur email, instead)?

Do u grow MP?

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