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Neurotoxins in Vaccines


when you think youve heard everything.....

i just got finished watching the series "the truth about vaccines". it is very long, but at least the first 2 episodes are a must see. i thought i knew alot about vaccines, but i was shocked by some of things i heard on these videos. im so glad i made the decision not to vaccinate my daughter. its ironic that i was poisoned by the very substance that i wanted to keep away from her - mercury. but i was exposed to it from dental fillings - another lie, conspiracy and cover-up.

i encourage you to take the time to watch these videos.

below is the link for episode one - i am having difficulty with the link (ive tried several different ways to include the link, but it keeps bringing up the video instead of the link after i post it???)

it can be easily found on youtube using the search words -

the truth about vaccines docu series, volume 1

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