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We’re About to Enter a New Era in Parkinson’s Disease Treatments


Interesting article but I think things can move along faster!


Researchers are reasonably sure that the accumulation of a protein called alpha-synuclein is responsible for neurons dying in people with PD. However, there are two competing theories as to how it builds up and spreads, the threshold theory and the ascending theory (also called the prion hypothesis). The ascending theory states that alpha-synuclein spreads from cell to cell, ‘infecting’ cells as the protein moves up through the brain. The threshold theory recently put forward by Dr. Ole Isacson and Dr. Simone Engelender, proposes that alpha-synuclein builds up independently in each affected cell.

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Hi, did you see that I posted something about Big Bang of Alzheimer's? That is interesting to

Nice article. I'm sure we all need a dose of optimism known then. Do you suppose that 15 years ago the PWP read articles that said meaningful treatment was just a few years away -- like we are ofttimes given to do?

They are accurate with "a few years away ".

Problem is we don't know which "few years"

Good answer

p-oui in reply to MBAnderson

Actually I don't think PWP were given much hope beyond Ldopa until the last couple of years. I believe we can cure Parkinson's but I worry about our slow processes with clinical trials.