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The 5 WHYs and Parkinson’s

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This is an edited version of this post. Unfortunately I appear to have deleted the whole thread apologies to all🤭

5 why’s and Parkinson’s

There is a problem solving technique known as the 5 WHYs it’s used in manufacturing industry and cognitive behavioural therapy. You’re meant to be able to get to the root cause of problems by asking WHY 5 times. I tried it on my current understanding of Parkinson’s. See below


It takes more than 5

There are many branches. Only two alternative branches shown below

I don’t have a satisfactory conclusion yet!

The answers that I have included may be wrong and almost certainly are over simplified

Am I asking the right questions


Can anybody help to develop/edit or redo the start that I’ve made?

Version 1.0

1.1.1 WHY do certain of the symptoms of Parkinson’s occur? ( may be this has to be asked for each symptom individually!)

1.1.1A Because of a shortage of dopamine in the midbrain (but it’s not just about Dopamine)

1.1.2 WHY is there a shortage? (or GO TO 1.3.1A)

1.1.3A Because dietary amino acids aren’t converted into l- dopa which in turn gets converted to Dopamine

1.1.4 WHY are they not converted?

1.1.4A Because there is insufficient Tyrosine hydroxylase.( The l-dopa to Dopamine must be working)

1.1.5 WHY is there a TH shortage?

1.1.5A Because the mitochondria in the substantia nigra and VTN aren’t working

1.1.6 WHY are the mitochondria failing (or GO TO 1.2.1A)

1.1.6A Because their RNA is corrupted

1.1.7 WHY is the RNA corrupted ?

1.1.7A It’s down to Toxins, free radicals poisoning, ageing and Alpha Synuclein

1.1.8 WHY….

1.1.8A Because the cells aren’t able to clear away their rubbish

1.1.9 WHY….?

1.2.1A Because the cells have died

1.2.2 WHY have the cells died?

1.2.2A Because the protein, Alpha Synuclein has mis- folded and formed clumps, fibrils or Lewy bodies

1.2.3 WHY have they mis-folded?

1.2.3A Because of genetic or transcription problems in the mitochondria

1.2.4 WHY….?

1.3.1A Because the vesicles which store Dopamine are missing

1.3.2 WHY are the vesicles damaged?

1.3.2A It’s down to Toxins, free radicals poisoning, ageing and Alpha Synuclein

1.3.3 WHY?

1.3.3A Because the cells aren’t able to clear away their rubbish

1.3.4 WHY?

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The numbering is an improvement, thank you, tho' I think the leading "1" (for version 1?) is superfluous and makes the text look too "busy." In 1.1.5A, shouldn't the VTN be STN (for sub-thalamic nucleus)?

in reply to dumpelkin

I am hoping that someone will come up with a Version 2.0.

Well spotted Ventral Tegmental Area

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