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What has b1 helped

I know everyone is probably fed up off the topic of b1 protocol but I have a few. Queri es you may be able to help with before in get in contact with dr costanini

I suffer a lot from the side effects of sinemet e.g. Dyskinesia (this is new) , early morning dystonia, stomach cramp, voice problems , foggy brain, severe offs where i go off and can't move or talk due to dystonia in throat . Has anyone found it has helped with issues caused by medication?

Also has it help anyone with swallow issues and bladder issues

Has anyone been able to reduce their Sinemet or extend times between doses


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It seems to have helped me with my brain fog, urinary Incontenance and constipation. My only other problem is tremor of right hand, I can’t tell if it’s better but I’ve been doing this for about a month. I do feel better overall


Connie, much of what you mention is Parkinson's related. I'm not sure why you assume it is from the meds you take.


Thiamine HCI normalized my swallowing and bladder issues, during the third month on this therapy. It has also corrected body temperature fluctuations. No more arm and a leg pain and weakness. Voice deflection and tone normalized.

I do not use pharmaceuticals, so cannot comment on that topic.


Over the past 3 weeks of my father taking 2 x 1g of B1 HCi, his swallowing and bladder control seems to have improved. Constipation also seems to have improved and medications seem to last longer. Improvements seems to have slowed down but that could be his mental state.

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