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Gabapentin helped


I was recently given gabapentin for a pinched nerve in my leg. I could not even sit in a chair. After 2 days I noticed that my tremors had way decreased and the mucuna I was taking seemed to last longer. I am 4 years into PD with the symptoms starting and remaining on my right side. I have so far managed to deal with this with the use of Mucuna Pruriens. I tried not taking the Gaba for 2 days and noticed the tremors came back big time. Am back on the gaba (300mg 2 times /day) and it is again helping. I want to try 100mg 4 times/day and see what happens.

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@JimColdguy I just returned from spine & bone specialist because of intense leg pain/ sciatica. He prescribed gabapentin. Haven’t taken any yet, but I look forward to seeing if this does help my tremors. Thanks for the heads up!

You might want to check with your doctor before increasing the dosage. More isn't always better.

Also, I just read a post by bassofspades who had tried gabapentin. He implied that it caused impotence.

Gabapentin has been used for a long time with PD symptoms and seems to work with a number of symptoms, including tremors, ridgity, pain, sleep issues and nystagmus. (pain)

It can cause dizziness until you are used to it so please check with your doctor before adjusting your dose. It is used for epilepsy at a much higher dose. Best of luck

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