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Dopamine Neuron Implants Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms


Researchers in China have taken cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease one step further. In research published in Stem Cell Reports on June 14, scientists report improvements in the motor abilities of monkeys with Parkinsonian symptoms after grafting dopamine neurons derived from embryonic stem cells (ESCs) into their brains. The findings will serve as preclinical data for China’s first ESC-based clinical study for the neurological disease.

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Sounds interesting ....

Sorry, I would not trust this till is 100% proved. There is a lot of scam in China.

iqbaliqbal in reply to ion_ion

I think that China and Japan will win the race in discovering the cure. The reason is that there are no unnecessary restrictions on research as compared to the US۔ Had the senior Bush not imposed the restrictions on stem cell research , we would have reached very near.

ion_ion in reply to iqbaliqbal

Maybe Japan. I do not trust China.

With the advent of 'induced pluripotent' stem cells' (IPSCs) a decade ago (a process through which adult stem cells - typically skin cells - can be differentiated into embryonic-like 'pluripotent' skin cells) former restrictions on embryonic stem cells are no longer an impeding factor. Only time-consuming trials for safety and efficacy stand in the way of DA neuron replacement therapies for humans with PD using IPSCs (unless you're willing to be a human guinea pig in China prior to proper trials).

*IPSCs Relieve PD Symptoms in Monkeys [Aug2017]:

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