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Had to fall back on Rx Sinemet for 2days&Mental focus poor

My shipment of natural sourced levodopa was a couple days later coming in than I anticipated and I had to fall back into using synthetic carbidopa/levodopa. I drove to a restaurant and place an order and then realized I didn’t have my wallet . I walked out to the car didn’t have keys in my pocket . I Repeatedly walked from one room to the other and forgot why I did that . These things used to happen all the time when I was using synthetic carbidopa levodopa and they all stopped happening when I switched to natural source levodopa just saying Sinemet shouldn’t be on the market old people with PD have enough problems. I don’t want to argue with anyone about it not trying to start trouble this is just my personal experience what it’s worth .

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Sinemet helps many people. Just because it is bad for you does not mean others are not happy with it.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing, Buzz.


Is the natural sourced levodopa mucuna? Where do you order it from?


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