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Has anyone had success / benefit using CBD?


I am writing an observational research paper on the uses of CBD. Would anyone here be willing to share if and what CBD they've tried?

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I know exactly what CBD's did for me. It was Christmas time two years ago and a friend brought me a bottle of tincture. It was at that very time that anxiety had started to rear its ugly head to the point where I could see why one would go on pharmaceuticals for the first time.

I took a dropper full of the 3:1, and immediately felt a warm sense of well-being and calmness. I knew this was for me. Over the next 10 months I used it three times a day and experimented with various strengths depending on what I was doing. For sleep I'd use a higher strength for work I'd use a lower strength.

The following Christmas, my mother asked me how it was going with the CBD's and for the first time I realized I had naturally tit-rated down, and was only using CBD's once a day. My anxiety had completely disappeared and has not returned. I truly believe I reprogrammed my brain away from anxiety.

I still use it a couple times a week, just enjoying the calming effect. I didn't really notice any other benefits to my PD symptoms.

nourilo in reply to Cons10s

Was there any THC in the tinctures that you were taking?

Cons10s in reply to nourilo

Yes there is THC. Treatwellhealth has a variety of ratios.

I have enjoyed a much less anxiety driven (crisis management) life style since I started using CBD. After 6months or so experimentation, I found a label and dosage level that seams to work I found a private label in Denver with a small amount of THC. Alaskan something...... I'll check and send it to you.

Anxiety and quality sleep (which is hard for this 14 year PD veteran. I was told just last week at a now annual unless I have unforeseen issues DBS tune up, "Whatever you're doing, keep it up!"

I stay active, Yoga, Acupuncture and CBD. Never give up....I can do anything I used to do....just slower.

nourilo in reply to Pelley

Can you tell us what ratio of CBD/THC you are using?

Took CBD for one month daily,had no affect on my mental health or left arm tremour.

I've been taking cbd drops in the daytime and vaping in the evening for a little more than a year now. Seems to provide mild relaxation and general mood elevation. Doesn't eliminate tremor but minimizes it. Add a little thc and the tremor seems to abate. Tilray provides cbd drops with different amounts of thc.


My husband tried CBD oil from hemp 3 drops under the tongue 3x a day for 6 weeks and unfortunately we could notice no improvement in Parkinsons symptoms or anxiety. Someone on here mentioned that the CBD oil needs to have a bit of THC to be effective...I don't know but it was an expensive trial for us.


I think one problem when discussing CBD oil, water or tincture is that people use the term "CBD" to describe a multitude of products and if you have ever been to a medical marijuana( MM )dispensary, you understand what I mean.

Some places sell products that they call "CBD", but it is not actually from MM. These products will have no THC at all and will not have the same effect as CBD derived from MM that has varying ratios of THC also. I have used some CBD that had absolutely no effect and I have used CBD with varying degrees of THC that did definitely have an affect. For me, the right amount of THC is mandatory to notice anything. Another problem I've run into is that once I have found a product that I feel is beneficial and go back to get more, the dispensary may no longer stock that item. It is an evolving market to be sure and not a lot of regulation, standardization and quality control and this makes it hard to take such a general term as "CBD" and try and compare results between different users when each person may be taking completely different products.

Another point is that MM CBD is not going to be available to everyone and will be illegal for some depending on where you live.


danfitz in reply to Hidden

For me the consistent dose problem was solved by getting a generic tincture (not advertised as coming from a particular strain of MM) that is heavily THC dominant. That way the THC quantity stays consistent from batch to batch.

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