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Internal tremors at 25


Hello all. I just wanted to see if anyone can relate to me. I'm a 25-year-old male who hasn't been diagnosed or seen a neurologist yet. However, about 2 years ago I began getting twitches in my right thumb (dominant hand). I was also under a lot of stress at the time. The gf I was currently with was causing some of the mental stress and I was just not in a good environment at the time. Now fast forward 2 years later. I shake and tremor in my right hand and left hand and sometimes my limbs and whole body tremors when I move them. Now after some time, I'm beginning to feel internal vibrations throughout my body whenever I'm trying to read or study something for class. It's super distracting and hinders my ability to focus. I can just be sitting with decent posture, or even stooped posture and i'll feel slight tremors throughout my body. if i look very very closely I can actually see my body kind of spasing out and shaking a little weirdly with some twitches. As if It doesn't know which way to rest. I also get cramps and muscle fatigue kind of easy now. Keep in mind i'm very healthy and active. I actually am attempting to beat the world record for most handstand push-ups in under a minute (only 10 more away). So I am used to being able to lift my body weight easily from years of training. However, now I am beginning to feel weaker in my whole body. And I get a lot of tensing up in my muscles that tend to give me cramps or tingling sensations throughout the limbs and whatnot.

Please, i'm very nervous and scared. What could this be? Lack of vitamins? Anxiety? Nervousness? Stress? I'm only 25 and have been very healthy my whole life. How could this happen? Please. Someone reach out to me. Thank you for your time.

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I certainly understand your concern. You might want to set up an appointment to see a neurologist one who specializes in movement disorder. They’ll usually put you through a battery of tests to determine any disorders. That way you’ll get some answers. 👍

Parkinson's does not start out with shakes on both sides, so it is unlikely to be Parkinson's. We are Parkinson's specialists here, so to speak, and not competent to diagnose other disorders. Per the prior comment, you really do need to get yourself to a neurologist and get a proper diagnosis. The sooner you do this the sooner you can get proper treatment, before whatever is going on advances further. I know getting to the doctor may seem scary, but it is less scary than wondering and worrying.

Good for you for reaching out!

I agree with the recommendations to see a neurologist. Having said that it will likely take some time to get an appointment and then diagnose.

So in the meantime perhaps you should try the high dose Thiamine vitamin B1 therapy by Dr. Constantini. There are tons of posts on this site about its beneficial effects for various neurological issues or deficiencies. It could simply be a vitamin deficiency. My internal tremors were gone in 8 weeks with 2000mg daily. Solgar is the recommended brand.

I also suggest you read or Youtube. Genius Foods by Max Lugavere to better understand how to fuel the brain properly. He’s a young author I suspect you’ll relate well.

I believe the B1 will give you the confidence and ability to achieve your world record!

Osidge in reply to Cons10s

I would advise you to see a consultant before trying to tackle problems that you may not have. It can be a costly waste of time. See the consultant and get yourself checked out. You can then think about t treatment options. If it is PD then we are all different and what helps one may not help another. I was checked out for MS and Wilson’s Disease before my diagnosis.

One more thing. CBD’s for anxiety worked very well for me. After consistent use over a 1 year period I have completely eliminated anxiety.

I don’t take any pharmaceuticals, and I’m doing much better than a year ago, because of Diet, CBDs and B1.

I’m about 90-94% of normal, running a company, traveling and enjoying life.

1) Diet fixed cognitive function.

2) CBD’s eliminated anxiety.

3) B1 improved motor function, eliminated internal tremor and significantly reduced intention tremor.

I don’t let fear get in the way of getting well.

CheriinMI in reply to Cons10s

Please, what are CBDs?

Cons10s in reply to CheriinMI

Medical marijuana with no THC. THC is the part of the plant that gets you high. CBD is the non psycho active part. I used the tincture 3 times a day for one year and believe I have reprogrammed my brain away from anxiety. Now I rarely use it MM and rarely feel anxious if ever. You can buy it in Dispensary’s in most states. I used Treatwell, and experimented with different strengths depending on what my activities were.

If it turns out to be PD, consider researching all non pharmaceutical therapies (high dose Thiamine for one) before starting on any kind of pharmaceutical therapy.


I’m 99.% sure this is not Parkinsons and probably more related to anxiety than anything physically wrong. I would be avoiding any supplements, health foods etc as they reinforce an illness focus and instead look at ways of being wellness focused. It is difficult to do but if you have a medical appointment ahead then try putting the problem aside and leaving it to be sorted there and in the meantime take control of your thinking so its not continually monitoring your health. Get on with life as best you can. Hope you find answers soon.

I know you're scared because your body isn't behaving the way it used to, and you've probably read a lot of scary things on the internet, but as others have said it's very, very unlikely to be Parkinsons. Or anything serious at all.

I had something similar (I'm non PD in case you're worrying) my mum was getting worried. Turned out I was low in magnesium (aren't we all) with some adrenal fatigue. You're most likely pushing yourself too hard and using up your electrolytes too fast, lack of potassium will cause muscle cramping. Take some time to rest and eat healthy, and go see your doctor, get them to run tests to put your mind at ease.

To get a diagnosis you need to see a Neorologist (specialising in movement disorders) UNTREATED, ie. before starting on any medication. Taking drugs or supplements before being examined could alter your natural state and make accurate diagnosis impossible.

Russo92, mine started with the exact same "internal tremors". I was young but not as young as you, mid 40s. It felt like a "jumping" sensation,, I thought it could be palpitations. Next thing to go was my handwriting, thats when I got my diagnosis.

The internal tremor is caused by the Psoas muscles. Your body is trying to shake off the stressful situation. more about this here: an ebook with a lot of answers. I highly recommend!

look at this post by Mulberry

and finally, look at Trauma Release Exercises that release the psoas muscle from its state of stress.

I also want to advise you to examine your life and notice if there are any of the following that could be causing Parkinsonism, then remove them from your life -

radiation, mercury, pesticides, fertilizers, sleep deprivation, street drugs, pornography, gambling, emotional stress. All of these things could either damage or overload the dopaminergic center of the brain. Exercise as much as possible and I recommend organic nutrition.

Good luck and keep in touch.


can you give me more insight to your condition and how you overcame it

Its parkinsons, i have not overcome it. I deal with it every day.

I'd recommend that you see a Dr who specializes in functional medicine also. In my case a neurologist diagnosed early onset PD, but he couldn't offer any explanation of what caused it I went to see a functional medicine dr. who was able to identify mold tocxity as the underlying cause of my symptoms. I'm not better yet, but I feel like I'm on the road to Better Health. Have faith, don't get discouraged, and remember that everybody's journey is unique.

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