Parkinson's Movement
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Waking up with frozen limb EG arml

I don't mean not able to initiate movement but not able to straighten even by using the other arm.. this is alarming as it could be both legs? Anyone else had anything like this. I had a situation where my eyelids would not open on waking f'or about 18 months but this resolved itself and I suppose it is something similar but if I Fell I would not be able to catch myself with that arm at all. It's not like a painful spasm it only hurts if I try to bend it at the elbow. I can move my fingers but not use the arm for any manoeuvre. Took about 20 minutes to be persuaded to bend. Happened tonight for the second time. I took the rescue Remedy madopar dispersible so I don't know how long it would have taken to be able to bend it without the madopar

PS woke up today to find I had not actually taken the madopar

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