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Cell discovery holds out promise for Parkinson’s therapy


Israelis discover proteins that promote dopamine secretion in study that has potential applications for Parkinson’s disease cell-replacement therapy.

An Israeli-led international study featured on the cover of The Journal of Neuroscience in February, holds the promise of advancing the field of cell-replacement therapy for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD).


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That’s so interesting. Israel seems to be in the forefront of Pd research. They were the first to look into mannitol too

Interesting and promising research.

Thank you for this information and research from Israel. Seems like they are on the cutting edge of research in a number of fields of science.

so, if my PD is caused by too much protein

should I avoid a high protein diet

especially if it interferes with my sinemet?

danfitz in reply to Coot18

You misread the article. The article says that they have identified proteins that are essential in the development of dopamine neurons and for signaling in the substantia nigra where the dopamine neurons are concentrated.

Kia17 in reply to Coot18

My PD emerged when I was in high protein diet and amino acids supplements.

Agree that Israel in the forefront of many innovations in the treatment of health issues. Wonder how long this information will be translated into an actual cure or at least treatment available to people with PD. My husband didn't wait on the Mannitol and is using it now with noticeable results.

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