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Has anyone with parkinson's disease use CBD oil for their tremors and does it work, also if you are taking CBD how much of a dose.


Has anyone with parkinson's disease use CBD oil for their tremors and does it work, also if you are taking CBD how much of a dose. Also is it ok to take along with insulin.

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I have tremor dominant PD. I tried CBD on two or three consecutive occasions. I got a headache, nausea, woozy feeling each time. No effect on tremor. Studies using CBD report similar reactions. Save your money.

You must obtain from a medical marijuana doctor. It needs to obtain a small amt. Of thc in order to see results. Donot order online.

KLDA in reply to Rosabellazita

I use CBD no THC. I was concerned about interaction with Siemet, so I chose no THC. Maybe I need to reconsider ???

JBnSFO in reply to racerCP

You must have bought some fake stuff, of which, there is lots of on the booming CBD market. Real CBD oil is a safe natural product (compatible with the human body) that has no known side effects. See this amazing video:


The very best entry level booklet on CBD is: “I Want My CBD”, published by:

IwantmyCBD.org There you can also find reliable info about some good CBD oils.

I bought my first CBD oil from hemplandusa.com at a two-bottle discount. Solid, reliable source, quality product.

My advice is to start with two or three drops three times a day and increase gradually (titrate up) until you find the dosage that works for you. The dose varies greatly for different people. Listen to your body. And give CBD time. Nature usually works slower and gentler, not like a typical drug from Big Pharma, which hits you over the head right now!

Two points:

1. It is the THC in marijuana that relieves PD.

2. If you are talking about CBD oil that is made from industrial hemp it is useless. For any CBD oil to relieve tremors it must have some THC in it. And that CBD oil is derived from medical marijuana.

You are so correct

I take CBD oil - NO THC; however, I have not noticed a difference in my tremors. Maybe I need to up the dose. Maybe I need THC. Since this is unregulated, I'm a little unsure. The Neurologist that I see seems interested and has asked me more than once if I am still using CBD oil.

danfitz in reply to KLDA

You won’t see any difference in tremors without using THC. Some of the CBD oil contains THC. But the CBD oil derived from industrial hemp does not. It doesn’t take much THC to have a positive effect. No need to take enough to experience intoxication. Just take a small amount. I use a spray and one spray in the mouth is all it takes.

Where do u get your spray and what amt. I am in va

We have medical marijuana in my state. I use a spray that is primarily THC.

I wish we had it here

This is a good example of the scam offerings of CBD oil on the internet. A total and complete scam. You even try to lead people to believe that the federally allowed THC content means it is "potent". The truth is that it means there is almost no THC in the product. Do you get a commission for any purchases by people who are gullible enough to order from your link?

karmagirl in reply to danfitz

So I guess you have not heard of hempworx CBD oil? I'm sorry that you are angry that I sent you my website. All I can say is that I've been taking it for 3 months and have gotten off Lexapro, Xanax, and Advil which I was taking daily. My husband was a non-believer saw the difference in me and he is just started taking it for his young onset Parkinson's. It's up to you to make your own decision and how you want to help your life Journey. Just wanted to share with you. I hope to follow up with good news and how it helps my husband. Hope you have a good day!

danfitz in reply to karmagirl

I am not angry at all. I am happy that I have to opportunity to warn others about scammers like you.

karmagirl in reply to danfitz

I deleted my post for you. Sorry you feel that way. But it works!

JANVAN in reply to karmagirl

Hi Karmagirl !!

Interesting...., can I order that hempworx CBD oil online??

Links , please.....

Do you know a company in Europe who has that product ??

Thanks, Jan.

danfitz in reply to JANVAN

Karmagirl sells hempworks CBD oil. This is the fake CBD oil that is derived from industrial hemp and is useless. Buyer beware. Here is a review of the company and marketing tactics:


JANVAN in reply to danfitz

O.K., and do you know good oils (with, if possible, a bit THC....) ?? and where to buy online...........................

danfitz in reply to JANVAN

You cannot buy good CBD oil on line anywhere I am aware of without going to the "dark web". For treating PD the CBD oil needs more than a "bit" of THC. As I recall, you are in Germany. You should be able to get what you need in Amsterdam if that is not too far for you to travel.

JANVAN in reply to danfitz

Thank you ! I'm in fact in Switzerland, but that's also not so far away from Amsterdam :-)

And I am in contact with a dutch guy who organizes "camps" , seminars in France, where he explains the use of different sorts and products. The Website is "The health cure" (or something like that, I'm not totally sure)

Using marijuana produced a stronger reaction: Complete incapacitation; fainted; felt nauseous and fell asleep for an hour until effect wore off. No effect on tremor. I think this whole preoccupation with marijuana affecting PD in any way is complete hogwash; wishful thinking from people who have positive association with marijuana.

dumpelkin in reply to racerCP

racercp, your testimony is a valuable addition. I can understand your frustration and indignation. But I think it is premature for you to dismiss marijuana on the base of such a small (N=1) sample. There are people in this community who have reported substantial benefits from MJ. There is, for example, this from Ian Frizell:


With this designer disease, it is no surprise that there is a wide range of responses.

Here are some words from Project CBD addressing this variability:

"Cannabis clinicians are finding that dosage regimens for medical marijuana patients with PD don’t conform to a one-size-fits-all approach. In her book Cannabis Revealed (2016), Dr. Bonni Goldstein discussed how varied a PD patient’s response to cannabis and cannabis therapeutics can be:

'A number of my patients with PD have reported the benefits of using different methods of delivery and different cannabinoid profiles. Some patients have found relief of tremors with inhaled THC and other have not. A few patients have found relief with high doses of CBD-rich cannabis taken sublingually. Some patients are using a combination of CBD and THC … Trial and error is needed to find what cannabinoid profile and method will work best. Starting a low-dose and titrating up is recommended, particularly with THC-rich cannabis. Unfortunately, THCV-rich varieties are not readily available.' "


Hi leanandmean: You caught me at the right moment. I had just discarded my three vials of CBD and after seeing the video have retrieved them to give it another try. Who knows, maybe I need to acclimate to this. LD/CD do little for my tremor but I will try again. PS: I have a bad reaction to nicotine as well. Thank you.


Another video showing that medical marijuana is useful for some PWPs. The problem with these videos is that the person does not elaborate on what specific blend they are using to obtain these great results and there are so many blends it is difficult to even have a clue about what to ask for at a dispensary. Staff at these dispensaries can vary just as much as the products they sell and are not always knowledgeable about which product they have which will be most effective for your particular need. In the case of this video, it appears the PWP is using a tincture, but that does not narrow it down by much as tinctures can have many different blends or combinations of THC/CBD or they may be sativa or indica or some type of hybrid blend and these all have different effects. Generally a higher THC ratio will require less product use. At this early stage in medical marijuana use and experimentation, it is more of a trial and error situation than anything. Another issue is that dispensaries don't always carry the exact same products all of the time so when you go to get a refill, they may or may not have the exact same product that worked for you last time. Another point that is not always covered is that medical marijuana is, generally speaking, much more potent than what was commonly sold years ago, so caution is a good idea for those who choose to experiment.



Here is a link to good legitimate information on using cannabis for Parkinson's Disease.


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