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Restless legs only at night


I've been trying to figure this problem out myself to long. Sleeping issues but only at night. I lay down at night and medicated or not my legs, use to be mainly the left one now it is the right one, gets a little jolt of tingly like electricity down my leg into my knee usually and builds for a second and then leg jerk. Which is puzzling me because afternoon nap no problems. Skip afternoon nap night doesn't change.

Sometimes using the pedal exercised or a hot shower or soak helps. But it's getting really aggravating that it keeps continuing. I have to knee with my knees bent as much as possible for my leg to not jerk. And it may be like that for an hour or more.

Medication and supplements:

Carb/levo 25/100 rapid release, 50/200 duration release, amantadine before bed.


Sometimes I would have to take a second 25/100 if after an hour it didn't d settle down and wait another hour for medication to take complete effect.

DBS: Doctor today change one leads section active and the old off. To help with left leg gait that was hindered. These are the Medtronic brand DBS.

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It may be helpful to try using a good quality ice pack on your lower back spine area from your crack upward toward your mid back. The soft packs are more comfortable and seem to contour to the body easily. The cold is highly antiinflammatory and can help to determine if this is where the problem originates. This is why professional athletes use it all of the time. It can help even nerve pain. After the third day of icing at night, if you have relief, then you know where to focus . If no relief then you will have to look else where. If you get relief from the ice pack, you can also try magnesium oil because it will allow you to reach higher local tissue levels than oral magnesium and can be additive to oral magnesium as it is absorbed through the skin.


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My sleep Doctor precribed clonazepam and it works for my restless legs. if you haven't seen a sleep specialist I would suggest that you do, they have been very usefull for me. Good luck and I wish you many peaceful nights.

amantadine is used for Restless leg you could ask your doctor to increase your dose. Ropninrole works for me.

Amantadine already 4x daily for dyskenesia and dystonia. 100mg each time, ropninrole side effects not good but there is a different one she offered

Take zandopa mucuna puriens about 2 and half teaspoon 10 to 20 mins going to bed. It seems to stop restless legs and sleep well. My husband has pd and it stop r/legs and takes more at sleeps well till morning.and another friend finds the same for his r/ legs

Mucuna pruriens show up in Amazon, but I don't see the first word zandopa. And I have figured out to not take things for granted as lots of different types of things.

Where might I find the exact item you are talking about so I can be sure to try that.

Try this very simple thing. I had text-book RLS and nothing seemed to work. Quite by accident, I had a 12 oz glass of milk exactly before bedtime. After all those years, my RLS was gone. It was just simple, full hydration. Not one re-occurrence since [and it's been years]. It MAY help you and the cost is nothing. Our bodies can't repair or maintain without sleep AND hydration. So it's good for you anyway. Blessings and the VERY best to you.


My dad has restless legs and was using a Neupro 24 hour patch along with Lyrica, which seemed to keep it under control. The patch got too expensive so he is now still on the Lyrica and Ropinirole combo, MOST nights that does the trick and he gets a full night's sleep. It took him a week or so to get used to the Ropinirole, made him nauseous at first.

Yes our friend took ripinrole but now just mucuna.

Brand Zandu Zandopa you can get it through ebay or i think amazon. It comes in from india. Pay to buy a few bottles it us reasonably cheap. My husband has PD and now uses that product instead of sinemet. See my profile you will see a book i recommend people buy a resent study on how its a natural way to treat PD. Doesnt work for every one but it sure has helped a lot of people with Pd.

I'm on what they are calling the "Tourette's Spectrum, from ADHD, Tourette's, RLS

and now Parkinson's. All Dopamine System movement disorders ,and more.

Before I knew about Parkinson's, I was taking Valium for restless leg.

I started taking Premipaxole , a dopamine agonist, which I thought would help the Tourettes. It helped the restless leg as well.

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