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Blood testing b vitamins, and other essential nutrients


Hey all.

So was looking at the Australian government pathology website in Australia, and they do offer blood tests for most b vitamins, and other nutrients. They likely do in other countries too. If someone has been sick a long time it would be a good idea to get them tested.

b1 thiamine- whole blood thiamine pyro phosphate. Better than transketolase test.

b2- whole blood riboflavin

b3- whole blood niacin

b5- not offered in Australia

b6- whole blood pyridoxine

b7 urine organic acids for biotin- just two- 3 HIA, and methyl crotynyl glycine

b9, and b12 are regularly tested anyway.

ADEK- I think it was whole blood for all 4. D is sometimes tested anyway.

From what I recall there was no fasting needed for any of them.

And then there is 13 different minerals some are regularly tested I didn't check if all the others could be tested too.

And now I can't find the website again will find it, then post it here. It might of been covered by medicare in Australia so was free if not was around $25 each.

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