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What gets me through the day and night.


The first thing i do when i get up is i go outside and take a deep breath and look up at the stars. if it is a clear morning i sometimes take out my telescope and look at any planets that are out and orion nebula (it was the first thing i looked at when i got my telescope.


18 25/100 C/L

6 50/200 24 HOUR C/L

1 6 mg ropininrole

6 100 mg gabapentin

Dr Pepper 2 16 oz It is a cola made in texas

1 pill for my thyoid

ibuprofen as needed

All the exercise i can get. This includes any form of movement including working outside weight lifting running,walking.

This is some photos i took from my back yard. it took me 6 months to get those images of the International space station.

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Life is good!!!!!



Wonderful Bailey.

How about your diet?

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Nothing special

what ever i feel like having just small portions.

Oh you have some gorgeous mornings..hey we get Dr Pepper in NJ !

Amazing pictures! I took Astronomy in College and have been hooked on telescopes, the Universe, our Solar System etc. ever since! Thanks for sharing, Bailey!

Have you done any photos of planets. It was not very hard. I stopped because by camera will not work on new lap tops. The images are 15 minute videos that are broken down to 4000 images and then they are stacked together to make 1 image. The seeing is the most important factor.

I have not. I don't have the best visibility where I live.

Made my day!

Hi Bailey lovely pictures. We have just spent 3 weeks in Colorado and really dissapointed as we have hardly seen a star! Up at 9000 ft no light pollution and totally cloudy! Hopefully when we get back to UK it might be clearer in Somerset where our house is!

I hope you enjoyed your time here if you are ever here again and you find your self around Dallas drop me a line and i will drink a Dr Pepper with you and if you have time i will take on a tour of this big city and take you to where they filmed Dallas i have heard that a lot of people in the UK and all parts of Europe like the show. I for one have never been there but i have drove by it at least a hundred times. I did the surveying for the new road that runs in front of the place.

I was the big island of Hawaii out where the lava flow was and the only light was a 100 watt light bulb we were down in a valley and there were no lights on the horizon. We could see so ,any stars it was unbelievable. This was before i was doing images of the planets so i did not know to look for the milky way. Last year i went to south Texas about 150 miles from here to a dark spot and we saw a lot of the milky way and i hope to go to the northern part of the US to see it come up over the horizon and see it all. I would like to drive to Canada but that is a 1400 mile 20 hour trip so i don't think i can make it that far.

Hi Bailey, after talking with you have found I can see dark skies about an hour from my home in the UK !will definitely try and get there this year.Thanks for your invite by the way!


Well done, Bailey_Texas. You have such a positive attitude. And your photographs are impressive. I live in a city -- Johannesburg, South Africa-- and we don't have that kind of clarity.

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I can not see them that clear. They images are 4000 images aligned and stacked to get the final result. I used a desk cam to capture a 15 minute video and it was cut up into the 4000 images. I used freeware off the internet to extract align and stack them. The store i bought my telescope from was so impressed they put them on display. They have not been touch up or manipulated at all. The seeing is what is the most important factor in making these image. I live just 20 miles outside downtown Dallas and light pollution is bad here.

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Wow! I'm even more impressed. Sounds complex. :-)

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It takes a fast computer 15 to 20 minutes to cut align and stack the images and i can tell before hand if they are going to be good. But how good i can not know ahead of time. It was always a trill when a good one comes out.

Did you see the shadow of the moon on Jupiter that was a surprise to me when the image came out. I took a image Saturn that showed a new storm that no one had reported yet. But i was new and did not realize it. I did not know i had the one of the first or maybe the first image of it till about a month after it was reported.

I think i will dust off my telescope and start looking again.

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Read it again i just added to it.

Well, these must have been a thrill. Great work!!

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