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Feedback of Vielight after 2 months of use


I had purchased the most expensive version "Vielight Gamma" and used it religiously for 2 months. Unfortunately it proved to be a total crap. I suggest not to purchase it. It's 10 times over expensive and unproven. I think the people who are reporting it's positive feedback is nothing more than the placebo effect. Better to consume this amount in other therapies , especially Ibogaine. I also request Vielight manufacturers through this forum to please stop robbing the people. The sites which provide the discount code are equally involved in the fraud , as they are advertising it and get the commission

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May be its too early to make a judgment call you have 6 months to try it and see

if it works and if it doesnt return it and get your money back

I ordered the same one last week and will see if it works

iqbaliqbal in reply to hanifab23

OK , thanks

hanifab23 in reply to hanifab23

and what is ibogaine isnt it for drug addiction

We're thinking about purchasing and just wondering if you had any positive results from your Vielight Gamma after 4 months? My husband has been using the Vielight 810 nasal device for 4 months (for his memory) and we are uncertain if it works or not as he's never had a good memory, but he says it seems to relax him before going to sleep. Probably placebo, but that's ok too.

Don't waste money on it. I felt no improvement and returned it

Thanks for your reply. Just wondering if they refunded the 80%? Maybe the blue light glasses by Propeaq that Gary Sharpe appears to have had success with is an option, as mentioned by munchybunch.

I have not yet received the money back

Really? That's good enough for me! Can I ask how long ago you applied for the refund?

I bought the model 810 and have had a possible adverse effect - a dull pain over the cheek bone on the same side of my face. Have quit usage to see if his resolves.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry that it really hasn’t helped. The feedback sounded so positive. I think we ll look into propeaq glasses which are used by Gary sharpe on outthinking Parkinson’s. Have you visited his site? It’s fascinating and being a dr he keeps very serious records of all changes etc. he said to me that with all the things he’s tried the glasses work the best!! Good luck!! What is ibogaine??

Do you have dementia? That is what it helped my husband with. If you don't have dementia, you probably wouldn't see much in the way of change.

Right, and how to find Ibogaine..??

iqbaliqbal in reply to dadcor

I haven't ordered yet. Looking for some reliable source

I put on this forum at some stage that I wasn't getting results from my Vielight Gamma, but then I realised it had only been 2 months, so I gave it more time. I wrote to the company at that time requesting an 80% refund. I did not receive a reply. I didn't worry then. It is almost 5 months now and I will be contacting them again for a refund. This time I will be following it up until I receive my money back. I thought it was working, but when I stopped using it I felt even better. It may work for some but my memory has never been a problem (though it is for my husband at times).

RoyProp in reply to Eliza-Jane

Did you get your money back?

Eliza-Jane in reply to RoyProp

Not as yet, but I contacted them and they sent me a form to fill in and the address to send it to. No issues there.

My husband is still being helped by it. He had a lot of set backs due to sun downing, but that is now under control. When I wrote to them because the VieLight 810 stopped working, it was 2 years past the warranty, but they replaced it free.

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